Inspirational story: fat entrepreneurs entrepreneurship and success for weight loss

cloud network hunting note: why Michael Grothaus abandoned Apple, Apple employee before forking? Give up high salary, give up a good working environment and abandoned the delicious restaurant food more, why is this? This is because he want to lose weight. In order to lose weight, he founded his own company, to develop the product SITU help you lose weight. In order to lose weight, fat man Michael Grothaus also spell!

more than a year ago, I am much more fat than now, when I say I am very “big” often means that I “fat”. More intuitive, said my weight of 280 pounds (254 kg). The United States centers for disease control and prevention said like me height (1.86 m) and age (35), should be at 140 pounds (130 kg) to 189 pounds (172 kg). Obviously, I have the highest limit is greatly, more than 100 pounds (90 kg). The standard weight index should be 19 to 24, and I was 38.

given me as much as 38 of body mass index, may be accompanied by my numerous diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, certain cancers, etc.,. But daunting not the terrible disease, but the burden of my body has begun to unbearable weight. In my 10 s and 20 s, and my body is a “huge”. But until I was more than 30 years old, and really feel weight an I never experience the pain, tired feeling.

I realized that I should change, should live healthy, I’m convinced that the technology for personal health. But the reality is not so, I found that the market does not have a focus on a balanced diet or health tracking application, at least not for me. I understand the products that I need to be able to help me lose weight and keep fit, but no one produce such products. This is what gives me a chance. When to look after their health needs, and on the market can’t meet again, you have to create his own technology. The following is my story, and my comprehension.

all start from a plan for the New Year

everyone knows that obesity is very annoying, but to your surprise (especially if you never fat), different age, obesity annoying reasons are also different.

in my 10 years ago, I was a skinny guy. But for various reasons, I began to eat a lot, weight is growing fast. When I was 17, in December 31, 1994, when I stand on my toilet weight apparatus weighing, shows that I have 289 pounds. I remember I cried at that time, not because of the terrible huge Numbers, but because of who I am when the adolescence, but because of obesity, its hard to attract the opposite sex. Nine months later, I will go to college. At that time, I eagerly hope that my first love will occur when they entered the university.

I remember I made a New Year’s resolutions for yourself: on August 18th birthday, I must lose 100 pounds. So that I can when entering the university, in health, to harvest their first love. Of course, the goal seems to be difficult to achieve, especially before I has tried all sorts of diet (eating clearly marked on the package the calorie content of prepackaged food). I know a rule: to lose weight before consume more calories than eating. Eating these foods can make me clear their calorie intake. But, the problem of the prepackaged foods are: lack of food diversity, I soon tired of. So, I didn’t insist on down. At the same time, when I try to use fresh natural ingredients to cook, I soon found that unable to identify the correct food calories. Finally, ended in my overeating.

but coincidence, on New Year’s eve, when I’m standing on the bathroom scale, I think of a solution.

on January 1, 1995, I went to store bought a kitchen scale and a 800 – page “bible” nutrition. Over the next eight months at every meal at home cooking to eat, and a detailed record part of the meal, then each part weighing, and then according to the “bible” nutrition artificial calculate its nutrients. You can imagine, every meal weighing will spend a lot time to prepare and calculate the nutrients (about 30 minutes), but the job to make sure two things: first of all is I can eat nutritious fresh enough, the second is I won’t be getting excess calories every day.

my efforts finally worked. In eight months, I lost 100 pounds and enter university. My new image in the university four years bring more girls for my attention, it is hard to imagine my youth obesity period.

however, the reality is cruel. After entering university, 45 minutes to prepare meals day came to an end. I entered some well-known enterprise work, it cost me 10 to 12 hours each day. Work family affairs, rent a student loan, daily life trivia, all day by the tired, who has time to weighing ingredients?

in the dining room to the solution of the birth of Apple

time, the weight to climb again. After graduation, I worked at Apple headquarters in cupertino. Good meals, science and technology industry, Apple is no exception. Of course, they will not be food down your throat, but when you step into Caffe Macs (Apple headquarters restaurant), you will be only one thought: to eat. Homemade pizza, pasta, delicious sandwiches, sushi dishes – only you think not, can’t do without them. All food is prepared by the chefs carefully.

in 2006, tasted the Caffe Macs all food, enterprises for their ideal job, but I feel uncomfortable like never before. Although I grew up more professional and more creativity, but my life is healthy in a vicious cycle. I a lot of weight, followed by the body joint pain, stomach pain and headache.

a pizza, I suddenly thought of, if I can know the calories of the food you eat, so I would like in high school I plan to lose weight. I hope Apple restaurant can provide employees with the scale and food bible. But on second thought, even if I persuaded the restaurant chef, but who can have time to like a freshman as laborious measurement activities?

yes! I need a smart scale. As long as I put the food on the above, it can show what food contains calories. If I want to continue my senior high school time plan reducing weight, then such a smart scale is to give and I work as a busy office worker obese people, the best gift.

is barely an entrepreneur

in the next five years, the iPhone was born, followed by the device, then such as wireless the scales and health tracker personal health, such as the emergence of science and technology, but did not serve me, not to make my diet nutrition and health.

as a result, in the middle of 2012, I 35 years of age and body weight of 280 pounds, again I realized that if no one created to satisfy my needs technology to reduce weight, I would have to “self-reliance”. This has created two years later, my product – SITU (intelligent food nutrition scale).

however, it is not easy to go today. I never wanted to be an entrepreneur or a technology company CEO. Because I like to write about entrepreneurship and technology leader, and to set up their own technology company? No way. I create SITU is completely out of my own needs. This is what I said to the people I barely is a beginner.

to be honest, at first I just have this idea and the application of some sketches and an eager heart to lose weight. I understand, want to SITU from ideas into reality as a real product, I will need a lot of help. The initial help from Jose Farinha. He is an old friend of mine, is also a tunnel engineer, even if he doesn’t need a like SITU tool to lose weight, but also the idea of empathy for me. So, we decided to start a business, to bring this product into our real life. Jose in addition to creative can help me achieve my idea, also good at physics engineering. Therefore, able to work with people like him greatly make up for my weakness.

at the beginning of the company, we did not focus on the ultimate goal – the ultimate product. Because, at first it seems too radical. Instead, we develop a number of short-term feasible goal: to complete the application design, interview to hire talented people, seeking to merge with our ideas to create the excellent product designers, learning about different kinds of plastic product impact, find manufacturers, to learn how to reasonable allocation of labor division, and so on a series of goals.

SITU manufacturing process is very slow. The exciting process sometimes fun, sometimes very challenging and difficult to overcome. However, its manufacturing process influence changed my life, can let me regain health, and do not change by reality. Using SITU form a complete set of hardware and software to help I lost 80 pounds — as you can imagine, this kind of feeling really good.

these days, and I have been in SITU attracted a large number of users, they believe that the efficacy of the product, as well as consulting a series of advice to me. The following is my advice to them:

1. business starting point, from creating your own a desired product;

I create SITU just because I need to achieve my personal health goals, that feeling some motivation is “selfish”.

but only to create product will eventually become your own advantage. I won’t get into answer is similar to the “products” sold to somebody else the unanswered questions of trap. But it can make I repeated thinking about product design and user experience of using the hardware and software, and so I was able to constantly optimize the product. SITU is a typical example of optimization: to issue the application of food weighing, nutrients are obtained. Successfully developed the first SITU at a cost of $50000. If no one recognized SITU finally, I can show even as SITU $50000 of kitchen scale, expensive, but I am very satisfied, because it can really help me lose weight.

2. products for others;

I firmly believe that it is because I am not too demanding on SITU user-oriented design, can also don’t care about money, to product manufacturing for the first time to be so successful, and therefore has attracted a large number of users.

after the first product success help me lose weight, Jose and I plan to Kickstarter raise $60000 a month. As soon as we publish the information, very surprise received many emails, and telephone information, to consulting include not only people like I want to lose weight, including diabetes and athletes, also have a health organization leaders and obesity researcher. Every contact us allows us to have some new understanding of their products, not only that, but we also got the Suggestions to improve the product to meet user needs.

3. don’t lose heart, entrepreneurial road there is always a surprise

you have made some progress at any time (whether lost 100 pounds or started their own company products listed), travel have to understand that always have an accident on the road, mostly are annoying.

after I use the SITU lose 80 pounds, completely changed a person. There is no doubt that increase my appearance is attractive, but I never thought of is the difference between contact to me. I want to say, to my surprise people judging ability is based on your size. For example, fat Michael and thin Michael have the same idea, but in the eyes of people thin Michael’s idea is better.

this is a gown I hope I can forget.