Insight into the serial entrepreneur: with entrepreneurial dream and a thought into entrepreneurs often have different endings

note: hunting cloud aimed at America’s famous q&a site will put forward by the “how to start a company, then let it be technology giant acquisition?” “Wonderful work”, a has been successfully set up five companies (serial entrepreneur) Michael? Wolff presents a sobering answer to this question. He founded five start-ups, and the number is still on the rise. The following to answer the full text, in this paper, from the q&a site will , translated by Chinese wealth:

I want to use one of my favorite thoughts as the beginning, this passage from alex? Harry’s article “the face of the dark dream” (the Shadowland of Dreams) :

“many young people told me they want to be a writer. I often give them encourage, and told them, ‘when a writer “and writing are very different things. Young people in most arms writers dream of for steep profits, but the typewriter writing process is so long and lonely. ‘do you have the desire to write. “I told them,” not just to be a writer. ‘”

“in fact, writing is a need to be alone, little reward work. God of fortune, who rose to fame as a writer is one of the few, only hard to pay more and more people in the heart. Even the most successful writer may also experience a period of obscurity and life predicament. I was one of them.”

in 1999 and 2014, we have experienced two start-ups, many people suddenly found themselves “what do you want to be an entrepreneur”. MBA students graduating from university could join Goldman sachs or McKinsey, but they chose to travel to San Francisco. In a big company of oracle and HP suddenly jump, the reason is they don’t want to and the next gold rush “pass”.

these people often will soon be able to find a like-minded people, they are all with entrepreneurial dream, after a brainstorm some ideas, choose looks reasonable ideas, on the basis of a product design, and then buy a wheelbarrow, static waiting to offer rolling in, will be a lot of money to the bank.

but a lot of people of all our hopes. Entrepreneurship is like alex? Harry description writing: created by a thought “become entrepreneurs” companies tend to be less than best. The best entrepreneurs often insightful and full of passion for a specific problem, have the motive force to solve this problem, they will devote to the construction of company, only try to let it grow. They rarely participate in technical meeting, the company set up the party could not see their shadow, quickly acquired is not their main target.

on the contrary, those who want to “become entrepreneurs and rich people,” proposed the idea of not really reflect the unique insight or interest. They set up e-commerce sites the same, almost no barriers to entry, or they read in the gartner report, a new market is expected to reach billions of scale, then get a fake product plunged in. They will encounter weakness over the obstacle, or no unique insight to defeat the competitors.

the best entrepreneurs, their entrepreneurial inspiration originates from personal experience and talents. Their ideas often counterintuitive, initially seems to be impossible. Suggest that we must read Paul? Graham’s classic – “how to get inspiration to entrepreneurs.” He is one of the best views:

“entrepreneurial idea was” discovered “, rather than being “invented”. In YC startups camp, we will naturally produced by the inspiration of the founder from their own experience is called the “endogenous” entrepreneurial inspiration. One of the most successful startups are almost all that.”

now, founder of many endogenous type also hope to gain wealth, also want to return their investors and employees, but they also may be met with several years to deal with setbacks, trial and error. They know that they can gain wealth, this is because they have an advantage in the aspect of knowledge and enthusiasm, not because a lucrative professions – “entrepreneurs”.

however, for those who really interested in business, I would never throw cold water on – and I’d rather they came to the valley, rather than return to Wall Street. In the entrepreneurial process, you will be accelerated learning, deep friendship and team spirit, you can at least some amazing experience accumulation. If you really want, rather than to be acquired quickly, you can try the following:

? on a certain matter do it very well. to become a great engineers, designers, product managers, marketing experts, sales representative or the Growth of the so-called hackers (Growth hacker). If most startups need to work, you can’t do is outstanding, it is very difficult for both business and join a good company.

? further study of a business. many of the best companies originally mastered the proprietary knowledge of specific areas, such as advertising, supply chain management, information security technology, insurance, etc.

? with one of the best startups. if you still don’t know where I have special knowledge or passion, then follow a company founder has established its own expertise. As soon as possible to join the team, to contribute as much as possible, keep learning, waiting for you to come into contact with more people and ideas, you probably can create their own company in the future.

good luck to you!