Inner SPA: SPA to do a full range of, the mind is no exception

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“soul SPA” is a mental health management applications, as a focus on individual mental health cloud services platform, “SPA” mind brings together tens of thousands of psychological consultants and psychological doctor, provide 25-40 years old crowd evaluation, information, treatment of mental health management one-stop service. Through the SPA (APP), users can really get to know their mental health status, solve psychological perplexity, high-pressure people can get a professional psychological counselling and improvement plan. At present, “soul SPA” version 1.0 has been launched, the product continues to iteration, is still in its beta testing phase of the new version will be launched in May.

as the founder and CEO, PuGuoFei shows hunting cloud network such data: every year, because of all sorts of pressure lead to suicide crowd of about 25-280000, most of people at the time of suicide is unknown, even their parents and relatives and friends around all don’t know. On the market capacity, we analysis and future potential users for 330 million, including female users of about 180 million people, concentrated in the 25-40 years old, male users is relatively small, about 150 million people, concentrated in the 30 – the age of 40.

in terms of function, the first is the online consultation, free practice gradually open to the doctor in the country, under the trend of the doctor can in mind SPA platform for users with requirements to provide counseling services, including news feeds, patients, etc., at the same time, the doctor needs to accept supervision, to ensure quality of service. Soul SPA will play a role of the platform, and under the standardized service standards for patients to provide professional guidance and provide medical guarantee, such as online consulting services, emergency, or make an appointment and so on. Second, in the era of big data, the mind SPA by psychological test functions to capture the data, early warning, push for users typically have depression, suicidal ideation, hurt others, autism spectrum, and gluttony anorexia.

in addition, a few small module have played an important role in adjuvant therapy – talk to space: the user authentication accompanied by her talk to the teacher, talk heart confusion; Inner station: professional audio and psychological treatment radio anchor for users to build a warm heart audio space; Health consultation: written by experts, doctors, consultants and other voluntary, covering the current hot spots, decompression method, unriddling and emotional education, etc.

PuGuoFei convective cloud network said: as a founder, I’m a youth entrepreneurship mentors, in enterprises team training and mentoring for eight years, served dozens of us-funded enterprises in the world, and our partners postdoctoral fellow, Dr Yang dong for psychology and enterprise management in domestic universities and government agencies, and foreign universities have pluralism. Our CTO karina zhao has years of experience in mobile Internet industry, the successful development of more than 30 balance APP. Our expert team consisting of senior psychology professor and professional doctor, consultant team members also have professional certification, and have their respective area.

from the business model, “soul SPA” in the mobile medical platform into vertical O2O mode, through to the campus channel and serve the general public schools are two strategic deployment, PuGuoFei convective cloud network said: we will set up to push the team, in 2500 colleges and universities across the country for channel operation, at the same time, walk into 1000 universities, to carry out the public welfare of psychological counseling lectures. On the channels of cooperation, we will establish provinces) agents, our society has become our strategic partners. With the iterative development of the product, we plan to cooperate with smart wear equipment suppliers, to provide users with sleep health value-added services. Is expected to launch in 2016 of “spiritual SPA upgrade edition” the introduction of the third party cooperation. User data, we expect with users increased year by year, the breakthrough in 7.5 million.

project: soul SPA
Company: chongqing is a new branch of science and technology co., LTD.

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