Ingredients electricity Blue Apron plans to raise $100 million m, valuation to $2 billion

as a housewife distribution quantitative prior good ingredients has been a big project, is also a hot property. Until a few years ago, however, in electricity, under the influence of the new marketing concept, Blue Apron companies like to launch.

but you see, the Wall Street journal reported that the self-made startup in New York threatened to reap $100 million in the new round of financing, and, according to people familiar with the company’s new valuation has amounted to $2 billion.

actually, Blue Apron for early have a precedent. Believe everybody is not strange, in April last year, under the situation of it in a $500 million valuation active financing, from the hands of investors (including cypress has investment) $50 million. And before founding the company, the co-founder and chief executive matt sal sulzberger at cypress is investment.

in recent years, some with from food distribution to start startups are emerging, such as Plated, HelloFresh and Marley Spoon.

Blue Apron was undoubtedly the most, its business is thriving. In November, the company sent catering for 1 million, and now month distribution volume has doubled to 2 million. The Wall Street journal reported that, if calculated in accordance with the standards of pay $10 per meal, its month turnover reached $20 million.

related data show that Blue Apron is the most popular meal, two customers meals required ingredients are stored in the refrigerator, and usually these ingredients are foreign products, at ordinary times is not easy to get. But as long as customers pay about $60 per week, soon when the above service.

at present, the company employs 1400 full-time staff, commissioned work across America. Among them, jersey city, New Jersey, Richmond, Virginia and Dallas or the warehouse is located.

Source: Venturebeat

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