Infants hospital WIFI services bei will be investment only product of science and technology, valuation of nearly $200 million

note: hunting cloud focus mobile maternal and child health services bei lian since early last year operation has obtained the rapid development of science and technology, rely on to grasp the women and children’s hospital of WiFi entry set up related service system, and introduced the independent APP “pregnant honey” pregnancy management and remote consultation services.

on May 16, a number of sources to hundred million bond power network validation, Vipshop recently invested in mobile maternal and child health enterprises “technology”, but the specific investment amount and the percentage shares is still not clear.

on this matter, hundred million bond power network verification Vipshop respectively and the associated technology. Product will MC answer is: only after consulting the relevant departments, decided not to comment; And the associated technology is an executive at reply: it is currently in Singapore on a business trip and return home, to decide whether to accept the attachment.

according to hundred million bond power net, bei lian technology is a focus on mobile Internet companies of maternal and child health, the current main business is in the national women’s and children’s hospital laid WiFi, provide network services to visitors. Its in January 2014 the official start of the operation, to get the angel investment; And in May 2014 got the JingLin investment of A round of funding.

according to A person close to Vipshop said, this is Mr A + round of funding for science and technology, after the introduction of Vipshop financing is completed, the company’s valuation has amounted to $200 million.

the bei technologies, a total of two main products, one is the intelligent commercial WIFI system “Hos – WIFI”, mainly in the national women’s and children’s hospital laid, except for maternal when waiting provide free WIFI service, also provide online registered, queuing system, online consulting hospital value-added services; Another is independent APP “honey” pregnancy, for maternal pregnancy management and remote consultation services.

a WiFi industry entrepreneurs to hundred million bond power network, said Mr. Lian is the most valuable part of science and technology through the women and children’s hospital of WiFi captures the mother-to-child users a high mass flow inlet, and master the maternal and infant and medical user data, and this is also where Vipshop value.

Vipshop users focused on women, and mothers are necessary to most women grow. From Vipshop the latest in a series of actions, maternal and child category has become one of the focus of the future, but the present a big pain points in the maternal and infant market is a new user access and the loss of customers, investment shell technology, integrating resources to achieve the result of complementary advantages.

“in Vipshop shopping for three years, young girl less milk, milk less shopping.” A number of senior retail told state power net, Vipshop early young female consumers, has begun to enter state of marry and have children, to the changing needs of people shopping, will continue in the class to change, “mother is more willing to spend money for the child, and in the hospital for 3 g, 4 g signal bad, just need WIFI will be gradually. Vipshop to investment layout, intercepting more bandwidth and traffic.”

in addition, the medical industry also has the huge development potential, Vipshop has the possibility of the coveted heart also is very large.

but the entrepreneurs also said that the WiFi data collected by public, there are lots of restrictions on the use, especially to conform to the state in personal privacy security requirements. In accordance with the law, the union of science and technology is not able to specific user online purchase data formed through WiFi, such as browsing the web data, medical data Shared with Vipshop, fuzziness and trend can only share some data, such as birth this group at a particular time period of network behavior analysis.

“for Vipshop immediately what you can do is in Hos – WiFi APP login screen and inside pages on promotion advertising or promotion advertising Vipshop APP, with some brand advertising and social activities to win users. In the future, how to further use of these mobile mother-to-child big data still need further study and health.” The above said entrepreneurs.

billion state power net, in recent months Vipshop action is quite big in the maternal and infant industry. In January this year, only products are launched independent mother-to-child sale APP “I am a mother”, then invested in imports from electricity “tesco” and from mother to child vertical community “hot mom help”, in addition to product CEO Shen Ya personal also invested in the electricity business “lotus parent-child” mother and baby. An electricity industry veteran said the future electricity enterprise in competition in the category will be converted into competition for certain people, catch people to high quality user segment is the core.