Indonesia into a new factory: Oppo, haier, zte to first

cloud network hunting note: Indonesia occupies more and more important position in the smartphone market. In the trend of driven and low labor costs, and the new policy under the influence of factors such as, many local and foreign brand mobile phone makers are factory production in Indonesia, opened for the Indonesian market war. This paper has a factory in Indonesia 12 handset makers for inventory report.

is one of the world’s largest smartphone market in Indonesia. EMarketer, a market research company) believes that by 2018, Indonesia’s active smartphone users will be more than 100 million per month, Indonesia will surpass other countries at the same time, as the world’s fourth largest smartphone market. Followed, Indonesia will also be made in brand smartphone market occupies an important strategic position.

in fact, this has been happening, other factors also help speed up the Indonesian occupation brand the process of strategic position of intelligent mobile phone manufacturing market. Indonesia’s relatively low labor costs, the country’s minimum wage is $1163, less than $2472 in China. In addition, the Indonesian government is implementing a new policy, under the policy, import mobile phone cost, built a mobile phone factory obstacle is decreased.

in 2013, Indonesia has imported $2.6 billion worth of smartphones, this figure will continue to increase. The Indonesian government naturally want to part of the money can be transformed into the domestic income.

at present, many domestic and overseas mobile phone companies have set up factories in Indonesia, while the other mobile phone companies are going to do the same. Whether for main components manufacturers or actual smartphone brands, do it all helps to reduce the length of the supply chain. Below is the list of the main competitors.

1. Oppo

the Chinese brand Oppo is actively into the Indonesia market. The company has invested $30 million in local bought an old factory, and will be converted into assembly plant. This factory is the first factory Oppo is located in the territory of China, it is located in Dan grant, adjacent to Jakarta, will be fully in the mid – 2015 – put into operation.

Oppo goal is the Indonesian factory assembly 500000 smartphones every month.

2. haier

another Chinese haier brand in mainland China known for home appliances, but its market orientation is a smart phone in Indonesia. Haier is the local mobile phone brand Smartfren Andromax of one of the manufacturers.

haier has invested $1 million to expand its Indonesia factory production line. In the near future, the factory can assemble a month 200000 smartphones.

3. zte

zte is another manufacturer in China, it is white card smartphone for Indonesia’s brand. Its products include Smartfren Andromax series and Bolt Power of mobile phone.

zte Indonesia is one of its biggest markets. The company plans to denounce is gigantic endowment smartphone workshop near the airport in Jakarta, but not in the early period of after further detailed planning.

4. samsung

although south Korean giant samsung repeatedly expressed its willingness to build factories in Indonesia, but the plan has not yet been implemented. According to the latest news from Indonesia industry representatives, samsung plans to start this month in Indonesia assembled smartphone. The reported that samsung has brought Indonesia machinery and research and development team.

samsung is said to be keen to monthly production up to 900000 mobile phones in Indonesia, and, in fact, once the factory is built, the company plans to produce 100000 phones a month at the beginning.

5. Axioo

since October 2013, mobile phone brand Axioo from Singapore have a plant in the region of Jakarta Cakung region and Sunter run. The company says it can produce each year up to 750000 smartphones and tablets. Although the company USES part of the parts made in China, but the company of all mobile phones are assembled in Indonesia. Axioo said 30% of the its mobile phone parts are produced by Indonesia.

hope in the next few years the company can invest more in its phones Indonesia production parts.

Indonesian domestic mobile phone brand

6. Polytron

the local company mainly produces electronic products, such as radio, speaker, LED television sets and refrigerators, is very famous in Indonesia. In 2011, Polytron launched its own white card feature phones, officially joined mobile battle. At the time, although the company has three factories, but still purchased mobile phone manufacturers from China.

then in December 2013, Polytron decided on its own a factory production of its function of mobile phone. Recently, it has set up a goal, it is that it is located in the central Java Kudus factory monthly production of 100000 mobile phones function and smart phones. Polytron first domestic smartphone will launch this month.

7. Evercoss

is located in the central Java semarang Evercoss factory in June 2014 formally put into operation. It employs 350 people, every day can produce 1500 smartphones, 1500 tablet computers and 2500 feature phones. But not all Evercoss are produced in Indonesia.

at present, Evercoss are set up another factory in nearby areas. As planned, the factory can produce smartphone components, and will hire another 2500 employees.

in addition to Indonesia, the mobile phone brand plan also issued in other southeast Asian countries.

8. Advan

Advan in semarang has a perfect factory, mainly produces LCD, notebook computers and personal computers. The company in the investment of 1 trillion rupees ($80.7 million) to build, on the basis of 3000 square meters factory, and to invest 100 billion rupees ($8.1 million) and to expand its smartphone and tablet production line.

the company plans to launch a month this year 25000 sets of assembly 25000 smartphones and tablets. Is expected in the near future, the company will start production of more intelligent mobile phone components.

Advan hope to 2016, it can not rely on the Chinese manufacturers, their own independent production accessories.

9. Mito

in August 2014, Mito, grant factory formally put into use in Dan. The factory plan to assemble a month 100000 smartphones and tablets. Mito is currently in Indonesia and China both assembly of mobile phone.

like Advan, Mito, hope in the next few years could produce their own smartphone components.

10. Sat Nusapersada

Sat Nusapersada claims will be independent assembly all of its mobile phone in Indonesia, at the same time by its 巴谈 island of 3000 square meters factory production parts, other components are from China.

Sat Nusapersada plan monthly production of 100000 mobile phones without a label, at the same time provide manufacturing services to other mobile phone brands. Is of the most famous Bolt Powerphone IVO V5, the phone claims to be Indonesia’s first in the domestic assembly and production of the 4 g LTE smartphone.

11. Himax

equipment industry in Indonesia, Himax is an exciting new rivals, because it is designed to use powerful and affordable mobile phone to fight other brands (in a manner similar to the millet). It is reported that the company is to build a factory. By 2016, the SAN Dan grant, factory covers an area of 6 hectares of monthly plans to produce 100000 smartphones.

12. SPC

although SPC is probably the most unknown local brands in the list, but the company says it’s located in Dan grant factory has been able to assemble a month 200000 units feature phones. SPC again to invest $1 million to the factory, hope to can start assembly in 2015 smart phones and tablets. But it’s plan to assemble a month how many phones are unknown.

according to the news from the Indonesian industry representatives, 12 companies in addition to the above, there are other smartphone makers to some extent expressed interest in a factory in Indonesia, such as huawei, asus, lenovo, millet and LG. But these companies don’t have any action to confirm their plans.

in addition, a much-anticipated main player in Indonesia is foxconn, the maker from Taiwan has publicly expressed its willingness to build big factory in Indonesia. It’s a pity that nothing is set in stone. As early as February 2014, foxconn is signed for the next three to five years in Indonesia investment letter of intent for $1 billion. But it is reported that the negotiations broke down on the land deal.