India’s IT giant Infosys Kallidus $120 million deal to buy electric business service providers

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infosys, (hunting cloud network note: India in the history of the first listed company in the United States, the IT and consulting company based in India, is about to complete this year’s second important acquisition – infosys announced a $120 million deal to buy digital Kallidus e-commerce service providers; At the same time, the company will be in air monitoring service startup investment of $2 million.

as Kallidus and Infosys conclude the transaction, namely in February to $200 million for enterprise resource planning (erp) software vendors Panaya (hunting cloud network note: Panaya specializing in automation technology development, the technology can help especially big companies like the United States oracle, Germany SAP management and upgrade complex software packages.) Have disclosed in the completion of the acquisition plan, step by step, Infosys is bought Skava behind the holding company. Kallidus the company is headquartered in San Francisco provided a cloud-based platform, promote the production of a series of online retail services, such as mobile wallets, applications, online store, and so on.

“this (skala) platform allows retailers through an agile and flexible environment to offer their customers a mobile customization experience, realize the personalized service, and can be through multiple channels to bring customers a variety of analysis.” Infosys is further explained.

software giant, India – the result of Infosys today announced the 2015 fiscal year, with another on merge and acquisition news: the company will venture-backed Airviz $2 million, the birth at Carnegie Mellon university’s air quality detection of startups.

Airviz “Spec” monitoring sensors to track the indoor air quality in with its surroundings. This device can detect the particles suspended in the air is not visible. Although it will not active filter air as air purifier, but can help users to improve air quality and make a change, and help users to monitor along with the changes in different periods.

“this investment is provided by the creative fund for 500 million gross, the creative fund gives some subversive earmarks, new technology, we will provide indoor air pollution induced with large data visualization solutions, positioning itself as a driving force of the rapid growth of personal health monitoring market.” Infosys, said.

the new CEO of Infosys Vishal Sikka took over the job last summer, and declared he would make himself as soon as possible familiar with Infosys, Infosys was facing problems of slow revenue growth. Acquisitions and investment is one of the focuses of his presidency.

the original source: Techcrunch