In1 wars: 360 millet pit the Nubian wussy “partnership”?


May 6 were indeed auspicious day, yes, at least in the mobile phone manufacturer early three mobile phone conference at noon, also a record. The end result is old wine in new bottles of millet heroism commandeer field in the morning, its not only physically graced the 360 games in the afternoon, knife Nubian amazing night, but let people faint in the adrenaline overdrawn fatigue, so, 360 millet partnership pit is a wussy Nubian?

three if change the release order, the picture is so beautiful I can’t imagine

as usual is millet, ahead of the local tyrants and gold, drop 300 yuan, such as if directly to a climax. Then the Nubian, not finish first also can rely on visual without borders Z9 tied, until 360 when in the evening, is the tribute dinner of performance.

if it is a Nubian pre-emptive, which estimates the news all day go to the borders of fierce debate, then Letv innocent, OPPO. Then millet price 300 yuan pressure… 360 the new rendering, perhaps silently gathered directly prepared released only brand name, then pull to three three bosses in the business platform.

is also a Nubian released first, followed by 360 brand name, because the form of communication is, also do not drop, millet turn announced a price 300 yuan, estimates that poking fun at the “no confidence” teasing will be multiplied.

but if 360 put this thing done, and from the point of field effect, called zhou old friends will communicate will live really good communication effect, the new personality for late entry, meaning is also quite big.

comprehensive considering all factors, Nubian in which position will not be buried, but as time delay, the light will gradually dim. 360 bare feet are not afraid of the shoes, but, at the last, it is just a tribute show “joke”, only millet can row in the first, such ability do not lose face. So, yesterday’s arrangement is very reasonable, benefit maximization, but it’s really let wussy Nubian eat a lot of losses.

guess to this end, let’s look at these compressors war “yesterday live

to come, delicious good fun to entertain, ray booth offering out of the welfare package: millet top-of-the-line version plus a bunch of accessories, media, successful eyes are many, and “the form of the conference to a new height”. It is no wonder that girl in red ray booth are regarded as “who first marketing, marketing master”. Send a full set of equipment please slightly, it is estimated that Michael morning sent millions of equipment, it is not finished, 300 price is directly to consumers, calculate by sales in one million, it allows $3, were indeed preserve the title of “the price killer”.

in addition to the suspected abdominal black eyes absorption, the fact is reached the distraction, weaken the effect of focal point, is used in entertainment, Mr Wang to headlines, each member’s attention, intercept sniper, as a result, the level of star Jackie chan, faye wong waved walk away the headlines, the remaining someone crying in the toilet.

what do you think you think that is what you think? In the author thought that $360 would release a new cell phone, at least for a concept map, it happened that qihoo 360 released and cool new brand name “cool”, playing with poor Zhou Hongyi leng “redefined the conference – jokes and manager of base”.

of course, as the night got machine, eclecticism, put a low profile, learn opponent; Respect for users, listen, universal machine attitude is positive. Apple’s status symbol, huawei technology first, the feelings of the hammer, Letv free mode, the beautiful facial features… Maybe can reference. An unexpected is that girl in red to “pan shiyi, ren, wang” platform, finally, also get out of the “equity raise” accidental eggs.

just such a “Zhou Hongyi old friends will”, suspected of testing the waters, in his own words, mobile phone made three months ago, is still not satisfied with yourself, seen in this way can also be interpreted as a humbled?

two master released in succession, also did cry “gas” wussy Nubian, too much attention is weakened. , of course, also blame Nubian step-by-step, after an hour, don’t to climax, this slow rhythm as well as guests of the “gas” crying. Looks up and down the marketing work.

Nubian the first lady’s effect in the past, jay in the stunt will become empty, the blank border mobile, did visual without borders, the border interaction with its convenience, is enough to make a person enchanted. Although yesterday to eat a little bit of dark kui, jing can translate into purchasing power, who knows.

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