In the UK, Eve online mattress sales company and investment are obtained

A $13 million investment. Company’s philosophy is “to redefine the mattress production and sales of pattern”, its sales model is directly on the Internet to sell high quality brand of mattress, so that you can dispense out traditional mattress sales need to pay the broker in a commission in the system, and more stores goods the price can down.

the UK startup Eve also have very similar to a business idea, they recently announced the company from the Octopus Investments received $225000 investment, and before the company has experienced by the DN Capital, a lead of about 375000 pounds of seed round of funding. The start-up companies led by chief executive Jas Bagniewski operation, he is also a Zalando British former executives of the company, as well as the company one of the founders of the English department.

when asked about Eve has solved some technical problems, Bagniewski cited an article called “mattress industry of complex systems, and amazing day price” the words in the article. And now the street or online retailers can find numerous brands, the company currently only provide a company exclusive development of mattress design, which combined the memory type material and two kinds of latex foam body advantage of 10 inch thick mattress.

this design also allows them to produce the goods can be vacuum compression, express delivery also become more convenient, the concept and the United States and Casper very similar). Although it seems is just a small detail, but need to know these details is what makes the whole purchase delivery system into a completely electronic business operation mode.

also is the selling point of the mattress mattress a little above the yellow label, this is a 100 – day return to prove (you read that right), if not satisfied can be a full refund within 100 days. And their products while also sell in Germany, but they are all local design production in the UK.

but perhaps Eve is the most successful place is, in fact, it’s the brand. “Mattress as everyday items for sale, but it as a very personal items, this way of selling is very strange. We want to put the mattress to make cool, let a person yearning products, also it is this idea let us apart.” Bagniewski so.

“we will use high quality to ensure our brand, at the same time, it is more interesting for our future development plan provides a platform. We want to create a global users can enjoy sleep product brand.”

“through online direct sales model, we need to not only save the entity shop around seventy percent of the cost, and we can control through the supply chain of consumers, it also mean we can improve the production chain in each step (for example to provide the fast delivery or special easy return process).”

Eve company top except Bagniewski and Joe Moore (Zen Bedrooms of the company’s former chief executive and senior management in Deloitte), Kuba Wieczorek (the central four former high-level Sports channel marketing and creative personnel) and James Fryer (and Zen Bedrooms, a former member of the team).

Zen online marketing company, one of the pioneers of the Bedrooms is mattress and Moore and Fryer happened had been a member of the team, this caused many people pay attention to, and let people can not help but think that Eve may only be about Casper replica.


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