In the Muslim world biggest electricity “appeal” AsmaraKu in Indonesia

cloud network hunting note: adults are often encounter so embarrassing scene: go to the store to buy private goods, old feel they have been looking all over uneasy. Especially for those who are in Muslim countries, the entity shop to buy the embarrassment of sex toys is more serious. And AsmaraKu company located in Indonesia, eyeing this opportunity.

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim countries, the average age of the population is about 28. AsmaraKu is one of the private goods sales site. Its co-founder and CEO of Grace Natalia was pointed out that Indonesian Muslim extremely conservative in public, it makes like AsmaraKu selling condom, lubricating oil and so sexy lingerie business in Indonesia market faced heavy resistance.

but AsmaraKu team hopes to be able to use private, education, and careful product packaging to ward off Indonesia that completely conservative social and cultural atmosphere.

AsmaraKu (can be translated as “I love” or “kiss my love”) started up last year. This website mainly selling all kinds of interest, and some personal health related products, including men’s and women’s lingerie, vibration condoms, all kinds of lubricating oil and pregnancy test, and so on. In addition, the site also sold a small amount of the taboo products, such as skin care, diet pills, health care medicine, flowers, and candles and so on.

“AsmaraKu start-up idea originated in a physical store to buy condoms and lubricant of personal experience,” Natalia, a former Indonesian online mall Lazada, marketing director of explained, “when I stand in front of the shelves to buy adult supplies, promoters and other guests will be tightly staring at me, I have experience greatly. Not to mention I don’t know anything about the product information when buy. Before long, after I put the Indonesian conservative social and cultural atmosphere and the booming Internet industry closely integrated together.”

“sexy” electronic community

Natalia don’t seem to be too stressed the importance of the three pillars of AsmaraKu. Which three? Privacy, education, and logistics. Natalia said the company will buy products sent to the user’s home, and will use an unmarked ordinary box for double packing. All payment on AsmaraKu through a seemingly has nothing to do with the user name for trading, to achieve the result that can protect user privacy.

the electronics store can provide distribution options according to the customer’s urgency. Delivery time from the day the delivery to the normal distribution can be the customer to choose. In addition, on the same day delivery only applies to Jakarta. AsmaraKu companies also statement, all Indonesian city providing distribution services, and do not set minimum consumption. Natalia want their website can give those who face difficulties in distribution and marketing of suppliers to provide some help. Natalia explained. “because of the taboo of private goods, the suppliers are sold at regular pattern is to go, and they want to find a can really with the mass market for marketing channel is also very difficult.”

in addition, Natalia hope she entrepreneurship will give Indonesia some experience of the one-child policy, she thinks it is a severe lack of Indonesia. AsmaraKu also want to create a blog and BBS community, so it is helpful for people to understand and learn knowledge about sex and health.

let cultural conservatism for “I the

due to the conservative Muslim culture, therefore the Indonesian people shy at the grocery store to buy condoms. But Natalia said. AsmaraKu will still those drug stores, supermarkets and convenience stores as the main competitor. She did not mention other local websites, such as Indonesia online mall MyKondom Lazada condom sell plates, or Lazada has more than 110 kinds of family planning and contraceptive part of the goods. In the same way, she did not too much about their website the number of active customers.

: the purpose of the new site in the coming 3-5 years, perfecting the niche e-commerce goods warehouse space, content types. AsmaraKu also hope that the client can continue, because the client provides users with a more private shopping experience. In Indonesia, Natalia said, one-stop sex toys, underwear and romantic gift shop also does not appear, but her hope to successfully pioneering AsmaraKu.

Natalia said, “Indonesia’s vast populations and conservative cultural atmosphere to create the perfect opportunity for AsmaraKu. Because of the above factors, we can predict that as many as hundreds of millions of people in Indonesia have want to buy a product with close illicit, the premise is declined to name.”

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