In the history of the most luxury year-end bonuses, WiFi millions each one tesla master key employees

? Annual bonus is a tesla! The boss is generous enough! No, it is each employee a tesla! Nima, I didn’t listen to the wrong! Yes, this company called owners of science and technology, its product called WiFi master key.

today, Shanghai owners technology CEO 2 habib gb internal letter outflow, which will have WiFi master key team every working more than 4 month, each a tesla worth millions. Hunting cloud network understand that accords with a condition about 40 employees, it will cost about 40 million owners company.

the year-end bonuses from instantaneous seconds kill all Internet companies in China, including BAT, hunting cloud network editor you see a lot of people in the industry are “boiling”, said the boss such a feeling is really incredible, “induction”, “ask about”

the earliest WiFi master key is a popular in Android mobile phone users search the WiFi connection management tools in groups. Its article database built one hundred million wi-fi hotspots data, all from the user to share information using known wi-fi hotspots. It is through everyone share strategies, such as, free WiFi master key quickly become domestic free WiFi applications currently ranked first.

at present, the WiFi master key has 500 million users, 2.3 YiYue active users, more than 1.7 billion the number of average daily hot wired. From third parties, according to the list of WiFi master key has been in addition to QQ, WeChat total users most applications. According to industry insiders, WiFi master key valuation of more than $1 billion. Recently, WiFi master key announced its strategy of O2O, it sparked concern.

with the truth: