In the “best ideas” found interesting short video, refused to boring life


the boring life is always some fresh interesting things. Information overload has become a label of this age, find valuable information is often struggle, even with the lack of information about that time. Hunting cloud network today to introduce the best ideas is an aggregation of high quality short video App, on this platform, users can easily find their favorite content.

in the best ideas, you can see the creative advertising, games CG, novelty, etc. Founder Yu Huichen convective cloud network said: “the product was inspired by the original domestic excellent anime sharing community taste the aini ink (AnimeTaste), was thinking is that some people now that do animation polymerization so great, why no one put ads or short video quality.” So he was called on a few good gay friend starts. Team currently 7 people, average age 24 years old.

best creative slogan “youth fine products, the best ideas.” According to Yu Huichen, their target audience is mostly north of guangzhou, the middle class and students, what can be done to bring new times youth better quality, better user experience.

cloud network hunting noticed the best creative design is contracted, operation is easy to fit in Yu Huichen voiced “we follow Google design on product design specification, which is rare in domestic. So, ordinary users also feel unique design, simple and elegant.”

in addition to a good user experience, the content is Paramount, best creative several big functions are as follows:

(1) the daily video. The team will be on the front page updated every day 1-3 high quality video, the average video views about 1 w times or so, share number about 400. It is tough to filter the content, to get such attention.

(2) the album. Album is a new function, the best ideas will high similarity, or video to be classed as an album of the same brand at the same time also for the domestic excellent content production team provide free album published.

(3) the tag cloud. Best ideas will record each user viewing habits, cloud tags can be for the future of search and surrounding services provide better data support.

(4) the classification of traditional classification + + contextualized industry classification. Users see is traditional classification at present, the most beautiful idea has now made the scene classification and industry classification. Bring more thoughtful service users.

Yu Huichen to hunt cloud network said that the current user is willing to spend five minutes a day time to watch our video, recommended by day live at about 8 k to 2 w. Products launched five months, six times the meizu flyme recommended, recommended 8 times by millet, 1 360 recommendations, peas 186 design, peas, 2014 annual award flyme2014 novel of the year award, etc. Resulting the biggest problem is to “promote” love and not love, every time after the “promotion” server pressure is very big, this also indirectly led to the user experience problems.

temporarily, the best ideas haven’t financing, is actively looking for financing. So as you can see by the stated, after obtaining financing to solve is to upgrade the server first, at the same time, the need to invest a lot of energy to find and recommend high quality video.

when it comes to future products target, Yu Huichen hope to make a big enough high quality video ecological communities, real ascension brand conversion, AD conversion, at the same time help more content production team. Video sites also recently revealed a general trend of profitable worm guest team will build a future with content as the core collection, production, processing, copyright, distribution of ecological closed loop.

the UGC, Yu Huichen understand: “users can produce their own life images, video has become a part of life, but now the UGC entertainment video, does not have the right guidance, there would be no big value.” This is the most beautiful creativity and ordinary video sharing application of different places.

in the past 2014 years, we see online video continue to occupy the high ground, in 2015, the social network but also will appear a large number of users own video shooting, editing and publishing. Presumably, by 2017 74% of the traffic will be a video, Internet market in the future more vertical and obvious, people will be more and more high to the requirement of video quality. People are becoming more and more do not know look at something, it is best creative action on the spot.