In overseas “millet model” to play the best not millet, but is a plus


all these three elements into the very clever advertising competition, then one plus their own fashion label. These together constitute a secret may be ready to occupy the market from time to time.

a plus some effective advertising as an example. We can find that they are very clear and fluent, concise and clear. The most important thing is that they would be ridiculed humor in fierce competition.

and are bingeing smartphone overseas market share

one plus the marketing strategy is very effective, and they hope to be able to catch the user’s attention around the world, and because of the product web site visitors are interested in this kind of mobile phone in the global range.

we can see below, this is a web site visits to the most in 15 countries.

there is no doubt that the American people in the top, a faithful friend in overseas markets. Although you can see now India’s market share is not high, but the Indian market ratio of one plus phone sales have increased 81.72%! This indicates India will surely become a plus and a booming overseas markets. In addition to India, there are many countries growth rate is also very surprising. One plus, as it were, in overseas markets sentiment can still peaks are used to describe.

invincible, stress the strong

the new phone in the industry enjoy “that science and technology necessary a big coffee must be hand” of reputation. Such evaluation for a surge in website traffic has a direct impact. We can refer to some other related technology, web site, the site’s home page usually opens at consciously guide users to their product page, in this way, the user’s perception of the brand will be in imperceptible in continuously strengthen.

the following chart to explain this phenomenon, the website through recommend sharing can strengthen product effect, the last to keep the heat.

so how does one plus the surprise victory in the battle? Or more directly to it, the competition one plus dealers will be how to deal with the thunder in the smartphone market is rising star?

in order to get the evidence investigation, you can see exactly how it is in the related website surprise visits, we this time with the blackberry, HTC, MOTOROLA and millet, for example.

by above all, it is not so much a competitive field, as a personal show. A and in a few months ahead at an alarming rate its rivals. And its traffic is in general speed up in god. Another interesting phenomenon is that one plus visitors to the site is not meet by chance in a hurry traveler, this from their stay on the site search, the length of the time is enough to prove their love of a plus.

and runoff kits : and social media complement each other, be in harmony are an organic whole.

at present, although one plus the total access to the source has restricted access to have declined, but, compared with the one plus some rivals, one plus is the only one on the direct access to the web site is the main force of has a group of users is difficult to ignore. There is no doubt that this reveals the enforcing the big brand, it won the excellent reputation in the industry already exceeded his own ideas.

may be the obvious enough, so you can have a look at one plus traffic size through social media. One plus in social media traffic could have put it tossed out a few street rivals.

may be compared to other sources of mainstream website, social media can only this small teams in a slightly some big table-board. (especially compared with direct access and search engines) but have to say one plus still occupied the commanding heights in the field of a social network. Social media as a plus provides nearly 8% of the total traffic! Of course it is still in the soaring. By the big three of Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter this society occupies half of social media visits.

at the same time, one plus on access to the source distribution is doing rather well. That makes it untouched in the battle. Let’s review again this kind of mobile phone in the mobile phone’s exclusive exclusive efforts on the emotional appeal. When a thing only through “invited” to buy when everyone is difficult to contain, heart like a monkey scratching the cat wanted to get it, then you can word of mouth, inadvertently has expanded its influence.

last suddenly look back, the more engaging

one of the most brilliant marketing strategy is the user only through “invited” to buy. This has prompted some unique taste of entrepreneurs are starting to through the way of “invited” involved. Business model on mobile phone to realize the sustainable development of a major painted.

black Friday and chop hand comes on Monday, in these two days, one plus will temporarily the lifting of the ban only through invitation to purchase, you can buy a mobile phone on the net, normally reach a solution of the suffering of the lovesickness. It also greatly improve the style of the mobile phone brand taste.

on October 28, 2014, one plus daily visitors capacity has reached 2.5 million. Compared the data in September, the average access volume increased by 226%. Want to know the traffic can be only one plus one day visitors! Relative to the similar sites, however, the amount of the entire October can reach this level of is not easy.

after that, one plus began to allow the user to avoid invited on Tuesday to buy mobile phones, of course, the impact is not big, so one plus is hot item.

if the “invitation” ban last longer and one plus mobile phone of the boom in the user can continue to wait and see. But even if the future is good or bad for One plus skeptics would have to admit: relatively less influential in some new brands, the success of One plus One does have its uniqueness. One plus clever marketing strategy with it as a foundation and powerful social media as a backing, make it in all kinds of business rapidly rising, finally practice become the fighter in the midrange phones.


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