In order to retain staff, ZenPayroll send “golden ticket”

on May 26, hunting cloud network

silicon valley talent competition fiercer every year, and ZenPayroll co-founder and CEO Joshua Reeves (Joshua Reeves) has its own way: no shoes office and a free ticket to fly to all over the world (anniversary).

at the beginning of 2015, ZenPayroll has 60 employees, and plans to the end of the year expanded to nearly 300. “This is undertaking a marathon not a sprint,” reeves said. He attaches great importance to solve the problem of long term and not just focus on short-term, like running, pacing rhythm is very important.

earlier this year, the payroll processing based on cloud computing start-up ZenPayroll, led by Google capital, raised $60 million in series B financing, raising up to $86.1 million. The company is committed to solve the problem of small stubborn salary management. Reeve, points out that there are 200 companies each year in the United States was fined for mishandling the payroll tax, tax 240 firms still hand. Reeves is to sell technology to these companies.

the company’s business is not without challenges. ZenPayroll don’t like those developed a social media company after another hit the app, its work can be less attractive. How to create a positive corporate culture to retain staff is reeves must consider. This year’s San Francisco business times will ZenPayroll named best workplace first. Reeves is undoubtedly a success, to this, he has his own advice.

first of all, you have to give up something, such as shoes!

only wear socks are not so bad

from early in the Palo Alto (Palo Alto, near the city of San Francisco, USA) and part-time working away from home, reeves and his two co-founder has tried to implement the policy of “please take off your shoes”.

since then, reeves company gradually grow. Nowadays, in such a community of more than 80 employees, this tradition, he still stick to take off their shoes just to create a more intimate environment. “In our new office entrance there is a shoe rack 10 feet high, can put hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes, very feel at home! And this feeling is very true!!!!”

every employee is company ownership of

from Costco, America’s largest chain of membership warehouse stores), Google, Trader Joe ‘s (grocery chain of one of America’s private), Zappos (an American B2C website (enterprise) for the consumer to sell shoes, is nowadays one of the biggest selling shoes website) companies such as inspiration, reeves believe that happy employees to keep customers happy.

“we focus on each individual. We firmly believe that business is related with people.” Reeves said.

reeves, said he hopes the employees can treat team with master mind. “Office, to find can trust, like-minded people.” Reeves has been keen to recruit can share ZenPayroll values of like-minded people, the company has a master mind, make more efforts than expected, make the right decisions, frank and long run.

Q&amp held every two weeks; A, reeves always actively eliminate barriers to the “boss” as far as possible, so that employees at all levels can ask any questions to ask. To the problem without any limitation.

golden ticket

to celebrate the anniversary, the employees got a free ticket, also known as the “golden ticket”, you can go where they want to go. “From day to day work, it’s easy to let people depressed, tourism is an excellent opportunity to buffer, at the same time can help teammates long-term planning,” reeves said.

employees destination all over the world, including Israel, Japan, Spain, Taiwan and Thailand.

in addition to the anniversary of the travel, the welfare of the employees and other various: housing allowance, family meal on Wednesday night, an endless vacation and so on. Such benefits luxury enough? Reeves said, “this is not only a welfare treatment, what is more important to consider long-term interests.”

company how to create the vitality of the enterprise culture?

to open a can to retain a person’s small business entrepreneurs, reeves has several Suggestions:

1. Set aside time for introspection: “as an entrepreneur, things are always endless. To ensure that it is important to lay a solid foundation at the start-up stage. You have to set aside time to discuss well with your business partner, why, what is the most important principle, and wants to achieve.”

2. Ensure employees clear the company’s values: “this is to create an environment for you proud of the key of enterprise culture, otherwise you will not be able to control organizational change.”

3. Team cohesion: “you must ask yourself why. If you have a partner, each of you should have an alliance with each other, there is a core goal, everyone moving in tandem. Otherwise, the split is just around the corner. Egoism, will destroy everything.”


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