In “beauty industry O2O one-stop distribution platform” concept, all the on-site service is not free state of craftsmen

(article/who 闫森)

today early morning, carved ye announced in his beaver home complete C round of nearly $50 million in financing, a famous led a gleam of vc company, another to vote. A round of IDG and B wheel with broadband capital, himself was $7.5 million.

according to data, beaver family since April 2013 O2O cut into the beauty industry. Current business covers manicure, makeup modelling, beautiful eyelash, care, and other fields, has the manicurist number nearly 2000 people, makeup modelling division nearly hundred people, the current peak has more than eight thousand single one day, after the Spring Festival, ChanGuo all day.

about the content of the above are all the media scramble to report, in this case, the hunting cloud network want to talk about other views.

2 days ago, in zhejiang reality TV star and venture investment combination of the natural I have to show, carving of father and family first dimple beauty (Taiwan) coalition partners on television throws the roadshow, ring with him is a beauty director CEO zhao and star hu haiquan. The beauty director project 3-2 victory.

here to get rid of the “star of the show itself character + + entrepreneurial project investment roadshow” brought about by the product publicity. Is the stage of investors makes hunting cloud network speech should explain in this article. Investors say: beaver family is a good project, great goals: let craftsmen have a lifetime to protect the brand. “The liberation of the whole world craftsmen. But the investment is really for people. Although they don’t have to worry about carving ye as itself with an aura of star entrepreneurs can bring the financing products. But I still worry about carving ye himself. essential oils, o ye beef brisket, PiNaBao afternoon tea, barbecue xue fan and so on are all his projects, they are most concerned about carving ye entrepreneurship “three minutes heat” phenomenon. In other words, investors worry that beavers home is carving the ye will only a business project in recent years.

but this is only a list of the cloud network hunting, topic reference value to show itself here don’t do it. Everyone should speculative!

there is a small episode also do a show here, the roadshow in the project, diao ye still with his sunglasses. about why he has been to bring sunglasses speech baidu some questions,. Show vulture ye speak his sunglasses because they have a dry eyes, light will shed tears, so where light, usually choose to bring sunglasses to cover himself. rather than the popular perception “carved ye a pack to force”. But about ye boast forces of technology, his co-star believed that carved ye is “reputation”.

the financing, carved ye in this paper introduces the beaver family’s FA etheric capital, show the etheric capital is also backed the ye, financing problem.

overall, beavers, ideal is the liberation of craftsmen all over the world, but in carving the ye this paper, according to the beaver family in the future is the concept of “beauty industry O2O one-stop distribution platform”. So at this stage, before the world craftsmen was liberation, all door to door service company in the field of entrepreneurship is still deep in their business, beaver has been to the market and the capital of the concept of platform. But hunting cloud network still want to say, at the very least “beauty industry O2O one-stop distribution platform”, before all the on-site service is not currently free state of craftsmen.

well, not much said,