In a year when is the best time of the financing?

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fish depends on season, financing also want to see the “season”! What time is best for the financing are there in a year? Isn’t it true, as the industry said, the timing of the summer and after Thanksgiving is the worst? Hunting cloud network editor you tell you, that may not be!

when determines the time of financing, in addition to the company for the right time to financing, the originator shall also consider the seasonal change of financing market. People seem to have an unspoken consensus in the industry, the financing of the worst time to the dog days of summer and after Thanksgiving. However, it turns out, this sentence doesn’t seem to completely.

here is the VC investment amount each month in a year on record. What I use is Crunchbase ranges from data since 2005, leaving only after screening technology companies in the United States. In the data, there are several quite obvious trend.

first of all, the summer heat of the impact of VC is very significant. The investment growth is the slowest of the year is September – I booked from investment to establish to the actual investment between several weeks of delay. The entire legal review process takes 3-4 weeks, usually need to sign a risk investment agreement, there are instructions about formalities such as delay.

second, in addition to less investment in summer, we can found that year, at the end of the closer, the more VC investment. It is no exaggeration to say that this trend is the harvest of the year and fishermen proportion about the same: the main harvest usually comes in the last two weeks of a quarter. VC every year there is a general goal, how much to how many companies to invest in dollars. So the more close to the end of time the more urgent, the more “thick” VC investment.

the third, the best and the worst in the month (i.e., December and January), to the total amount of investment. December’s investment amount is 75% more than in January, 50% more number of investment projects. Before checking, these gaps are statistical confidence level is higher than 95%. Therefore, the vc market seasonal is real.

so people will ask: so what time of the year is to get the large investment and high valuation before trading was the best time?

data showed that the average size of investment to peak in August and December. The scale of investment in this two months there will be about 15% growth. This difference is on the basis of the statistics, the confidence level is higher than 90%.

under the assumption that the financing process need to three months, so the best start time of the year is September, goal is completed in December, aim at the golden quarter (investment was 15% higher than average, 50% higher than that of number of investment projects.) May start financing is the second choice. Although in this quarter, the average investment scale and think in December, but progress will be slow investment, so the risk is big.

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