If the girl set-up already can’t satisfy you, then play the “tough guy” set-up Hurt Me Plenty!!!!

cloud network hunting note: as the “gay is the true love” the concept of social development, some “sex” games began to develop in the direction of MSM. So stylish men who Hurt Me Plenty game should be formed, it with high simulation plot design, not only satisfy your sexual pleasure, can teach you to understand more subtle sexual psychology.

many games rely on the “sexual pleasure” to attract players, only Hurt Me Plenty of game so close to the reality.

seconds speed of contemporary games already can reach millions of times, the advanced science and technology can create all kinds of simulation in virtual environment. Players can hold virtual simulation in virtual town gun blow out to battle with the enemy. Admittedly, this kind of cool fight scene is really enough stimulation, but in contrast, their excessive plot is monotonous, can only rely on dialogue options, cinematic sequences and the game load.

in this aspect appear about Hurt Me Plenty, bring players very real sex interactive experience. Players in the game you can set-up a burly, looks rough, tough guy, the role of computer will be according to the player’s BDSM (tied with set-up + dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) operation react accordingly, until “he” feel cannot afford, say the word “safety tips”.

the game designer Robert Yang wrote in a blog post: “the players have to complete a series of training process to get the final sexual pleasure, and the simulation of working process will cause the player reflection to the relationship. Set-up process can reflect the authenticity of the game, the more complex and computer roles need to be a certain degree of sexual satisfaction can enter the next link. If simply withhold sex as a reward or inherent results, so once the players to get the final award, the fun of the game will be.”

this design concept was interesting, even I couldn’t resist such cocked men want to download games, experience a BDSM.

the game start shaking hands link. My role stiffly out red our hands clasped hands with computer role. I follow the instructions of the game, moving the mouse to shake hands, then appeared on the screen “gentle” the cue word. At this point if we neglect it, we will shake hands. I clicked on the cue word, we stop shaking hands, agreed to call his ass, and then he became his underwear, hint I can into the next game.

in the next scene, he asked to be in bed to be spanked. I use the mouse to click on his ass, my role arms like two paddle wheel to the beat him. I repeated the click of a mouse, but he is like a taser (a beam of charged dart missile is make people temporarily could not move a weapon) hit the same twitch, dialogue bubble popup he moans constantly. (if you are providing to the click of a mouse, so the result is likely to let his pain rather than meet.) When his underwear ass swollen like rudolph’s nose, his mood from excitement to frustration, and prompt I say “stop”, so I stopped beating. However, pause for a moment later I slapped a few, and the results he overtaxed fell to the ground.

this situation makes me surprised. I thought I have completed the task, the final reward, consider whether to again. But, in fact, the opposite is true, this tough guys turn your back on me, the game instructions I use a mouse to stroke his back to comfort him. At this moment, I felt a sense of guilt, he said he had said a 13 times to stop, but ignored by me. I did a little forgetful, but ignored the 13 times really has some too much.

then, appeared on the screen a countdown. I was under the game ended a ban in 21 days – Yang said this time is my calm and tough period, during this time he won’t play with me.

Yang uneasy in many of the defects of the game, some of them are obvious, such as the mouse operation emphasis has been placed on the lack of feeling. But as the graphics and the progress of technology, physics can be improved to solve these defects. Yang is lay particular stress on tips – even this little game only three scenes too – players crazy sex might hurt your partner, even though you just inadvertently once enjoyed.

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