If only $1 to do marketing, he chose to spend on PR!

small make up message: this article is a famous angels xiao-ping xu teacher in life.and share to friends, he also specially in the article that “if I had a dollar can be used to do the marketing, I would have spent on PR.” Out of the extraction. If you are in the business, so you should carefully read…

for early stage companies, PR is actually an extremely valuable work, but very few investors will be aware of this, let alone the entrepreneurs. When a company in the start-up phase, inevitably to tighten my belt, all people in the team are also eagerly stared at the products and technologies, so that they often misestimate the importance of PR. I think the PR value is difficult to measure, that are accustomed to specific Numbers to the measured value of the people may be hard to accept.

actually, PR is priceless. It quiet and powerful, it is not like: see, I only spent $7000 to print 7000 copies of newspapers. Not the concept.

what is PR?

1. Recruitment

for all startup, the most difficult way to recruit a number of world-class talent. But if the recognize in a corner in the world heard about your company, and excited for your idea. So, as a still unknown start-up company, recruit top talent will be much easier. I have worked with a startup has talent and team cohesion, can still struggle to recruitment. Until recently the PR activities, they give me the number of candidates unexpected surprising feedback to grow up. Like I said, PR will quietly, you can’t aware of this, until you are newly recruited into the employees working at full speed. But people always seem to forget, why they find such a good employee is through the media or even word of mouth.

2. The business expand

business development is full of hardships. You’re just a startup, and every company you seen in the critical amount of land rights on you take time to talk about trade really worth it. When they are in the journal of the American airlines, wired or Recode (science and technology investment news and information network) told you, they’ll think: “maybe we can try and contact the company.” So you received a phone call, you are very happy, business is going well, but few people think of the cause of the call. When they call, from where perhaps they forgot myself for the first time heard about you. But it is PR quiet role for business development.

3. Raise money

none of the venture capital industry for many years would admit they (even) affected by the media. But from the psychological level of analysis, we will always be influenced by reading. Sometimes, after you finish reading will think: “I should contact with the company.” ; Sometimes it comes from some kind of word of mouth, like someone I know read about your company. So, as I told many founder, good PR can value for your company at $10 million, or increases the chances of you finish the second round of funding and a similar situation. And these will in turn make you more powerful media reported. For a company that never anyone heard, raising money is struggling.

4. Team morale

people often ignore the team morale. I once asked in Accenture, I once worked for the company) work for advertisement in the full of what they are at the airport. Response was: “many of our employees to work every week, every time they see the ads, they would have to work in a company are proud of.” Well, it is very effective, until the scandal Tiger Woods filled with all the pages on the airport. But the fact is, the staff would be happy to see about the positive coverage of the company. They will be from your peers, boyfriend, family, classmates get praise. Think about it when people call them good boy. You will understand, the report is very important. You can’t measure the value of the underlying, but I guarantee that it does exist. Like damage value brought by the negative reports.

5. The company sales

struck you and your customers by E-mail or telephone, after a meeting customers do first thing in the Google. And when they decide to trade, their boss will Google it. And when competitors list in a fight with you, the same thing will happen. So, armed yourself, defend the position.

6. The future of PR

this is an often overlooked. When you finally do you want to let the Wall Street journal reported or are trying to persuade “good morning America” let you join their programme – these journalists, executive producer will slip mouse search relevant information without hesitation. If they saw something good from the earlier reports, they will be more willing to talk to you. Of course you need a new point of view that journalists can cover the, because no one want to repeat the same content. Similarly, nobody would easily also willing to be the first forecast in the future you will be how to change the world. Media companies love like they love exclusive rights to publish stories. Ironically, of course. But I promise, this is true.

7. Mergers and acquisitions

a few years ago, a us technology company’s director of mergers and acquisitions sitting in my office told me, he want to know my investment in the company which makes me the most exciting. When I was finished with his browsing all my investment has been completed, may one day be and his related to the enterprise. He told me, “Mark, I can’t track my from each of the investors or bankers see each trading. They are just far too. Therefore, I establish a filter mechanism: I only after 12 vc investment and let my team pay close attention to them. I’ve decided I want to track your investments.” It makes me realize the importance of PR – even for the day you could be acquired. Originally I casually mentioned that investment has been captured by someone agile radar. Everyone will read news – even those one day by deciding whether to buy your business and make you rich. (I forgot to mention in the original articles of mergers and acquisitions, thank David Catalovsk on Twitter pointed out this.)

8. New customer acquisition

I intentionally will get customer to this point in the final. Why is that? Because I have talked to each other every company do this as a reason for PR in the least important one. Those shortsighted people always think “we have already appeared on the tech blogs” or “we in the app store,” but we didn’t get downloads, as expected. Many people download our application, visit our website, and so on. But these can’t turn into sales. This is a waste, we have to stop the PR for a period of time. ”

now see 1-7, scoured thinking, repeat the above steps.

when startup CEO for the first time, my company won the UK B2B PR enterprise award. This award is not just aimed at startup, it to all company. When writing speeches for success I quote:

if I had a dollar can be used to do the marketing, I would have spent on PR. ( source: drunk entrepreneurship; Author: Mark Suster ; Translation: Chen Bao heart )

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