Ideal living laboratory: from wen-ching idealistic lifestyle to “brand control” fans of the economy

(text/Yang Sihui)

at the end of 2009, focus on creative design and media – the ideal life of the life consumption of laboratory (Toodaylab) website. Website to global brand and the consumer market trends, reports the latest products and services, insight into consumer trends for the purpose, implement brand coupling with the general population and spread the “better” way of life.

at the time, the ideal life is almost the only domestic laboratory theme Shared blog in life way, fans to share their experiences and way of life in the form of LAB account for certain proportion. Before, has been running in the form of personal webmaster, it was not until 2013 that the ideal life laboratory registered company, in the absence of capital, has achieved positive cash flow at present.

at present, rolling, activities, its website, the main function is divided into three parts to buy it. Website daily provides some of the life consumption of creative design, the latest information, don’t hold online activities on a regular basis, according to the present hot spots from time to time to launch “buy it” vote, provide one or two similar products allows users to vote decide which one to buy or to buy or not buy, in order to collect data relevant to the user.

the CEO Wu Shiyuan to hunt cloud network is introduced, the ideal living laboratory in promoting the development of the media part at the same time, based on the current areas of focus, user interaction, the existing resources advantage and the direction of the future will launch a brand preferences related platform – “brand control”. Platform mainly includes: brand, character pages. The user can select in the platform focus on brand, get customized media content delivery. At the same time, users can interact directly with the brand, and also focus on brand user questions and answers, interactive communication. In addition, users can customize a “wish list” wish list, add, share, and consumption.

Wu Shiyuan analysis to the market at present there are the following ones: a disconnect, media content and real consumption. Second, the analysis of user’s real needs, forecast the user consumption in the future. Three, is the trend, but that was after “consumption”. Four, has a vertical type of the products on the market at present library (mostly in the products of science and technology), lack of comprehensive coverage in all areas of platform. Five, currently on the market, lack of interest in social platform with the brand as a unit.

ideal living laboratory to do is focus on the content of the push to influence consumer decision-making, can truly grasp the end user. And based on the user itself provides targeted consumer guide, pay more attention to in the “before” consumption allows users to make decisions and help users complete consumption process. At the same time, the APP will take “pay attention to the brand’s users” in marketing activities, and in the process of brand push also has the same interest for users with the possibility of social labels.

in the next development, ideal living laboratory can consumption of media content to form, to provide users with more valuable information. Will collect and organize the brand with the user data, to achieve more accurate user stories, from providing services for the brand/customers at the same time, constantly improve the user’s individual experience and the service, the closed-loop service.

in addition, according to the hunting cloud network understanding, ideal living laboratory has launched an angel round financing plan.