I want to exercise to make vertical sports O2O closed loop

(text/Wang Saiying)

O2O wave under the Internet change the pattern of traditional industry, not only infiltrated the daily life of people’s life, but also spread to the sports industry. Because a lot of the marketization of sports resources and open degree is low, the process of the Internet to be relatively slow.

in stadiums reservation, for example, more than 80% of the scheduled action or occurred in offline, caused by asymmetric information on the one hand can’t effective use of sports resources, a large number of sports ground vacancy waste, on the other hand, consumers cannot find satisfactory fitness place, convenient consumption demand is suppressed. Under this kind of demand, “I will exercise” arises at the historic moment, docking sports resources of offline and online consumers via the Internet, break the information asymmetry, increasing the service efficiency of sports resources.

“I will exercise” is in the sports industry has ten years experience of longley do poineering work in red. In 14 years in July, the founders in EMBA after school with this idea, so the first generation product launch in August, at present, the technology research and development team has about 20 people, from EMC and grand.

sports resources, including sports venues, coach, and community, presents an extreme imbalance and isolated situation. I want to be sports product layout is mainly from these aspects. Long Ligong, according to the current market the biggest pain points is people’s increasing demands for the exercise habit, and not balance the contradiction between the sports resources. In other words, people who want to exercise can’t find the place and the organization, management of sports venues and training people do not have customers, high vacancy rate.

Long Ligong said in an interview with hunting cloud network, Internet products only with the fastest speed to adapt to the market to survive, the current product iteration speed is small weekly version, every two weeks release version, on the one hand, the continuous improvement of the system function and enhancement, on the other hand according to user feedback for continual improvement. And the trend of mobile Internet in the future for a period of time will be more obvious, the status of the mobile portal will be increasingly important.

I want to exercise early customers mostly through offline channels of franchisees into now, with online marketing work, with vertical class community sports and the function of the App, the trend of online user import more and more obvious, from user experience will be instrumental to the excessive social sex. After product launch the first edition, by word of mouth marketing has accumulated more than thirty thousand users, early activity is higher. Access to the social tools and products, to ensure that the user viscosity. At present, the active use micro letter reservation service users, more than two thousand people or so.

it is understood that at present I’m sports App is divided into ordinary users and coaches, edition of the user group of major cities concentrated in Shanghai, the company operating essentially self-raised funds, financial self-sufficiency, then consider introducing strategic investors.

nearly a year or two O2O industries have sprung up, capital market to promote also let all sorts of traditional industries are using the Internet thinking innovation enterprises, can be in this wave of start-up companies in addition to run fast, to copy the successful model, but also innovation, the nature of the O2O was not only speed, but the service and innovation. Sports industry also is so, I think, now of the O2O change traditional industry is not merely a App is to think in the Internet business, online traffic and interaction for offline ground service, I will need the user service and continue to high-value, experience, sports business on the Internet will have great development in this area.