I am hardware equipment to make a long-term preparation, Google developed battery

note: hunting cloud in cell efficiency problem increasingly troubled hardware development at present, many companies are struggling to explore slowly, in order to support the future Google to the long-term development of the hardware equipment, Google company also began their exploration battery technology research and development, expecting to find a suitable way. The following for tencent technology report:

on April 11, Google has been quietly working on better batteries, to support the company to expand in the field of consumer electronics and other hardware.

sources, as early as the end of 2012, Google before an apple battery experts Ramesh budd tile jie (Ramesh Bhardwaj), led team, began to test in Google equipment used by other companies in the development of the battery. After about a year, the team began to consider the independent development of battery technology. It is reported that the team is affiliated with Google Google X r&d lab, there are only four members. So far, Google and bud tile jie the per capita to this report did not comment.

in recent years, Google has started to step in transportation, health care, the robot, communication and other industries, and the design requirements using efficient physical devices of the battery. Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) in 2013 to the market, analysts said mobile battery life is “a big problem, there is really create new and better battery experience potential.”

bud, jay has to industry executives said that Google now has at least 20 depends on the project of the battery. The latest development of driverless cars, rely on battery power; The first generation of Google glasses plagued by battery life is too short, Google hopes to improve the battery life; Use of nanoparticles in the diagnosis of disease project also rely on battery power testing equipment.

8 hardware risk investment company Formation strategy director and Susan (Lior Susan) said, “Google hope on hardware supply chain better control of your own destiny. Google to unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), driverless cars, and other hardware business expansion requires better batteries.”

in addition to Google, including apple, tesla tech giants such as IBM and also hope to improve the battery performance, but their efforts have so far can only generate a gradual harvest, don’t like science and technology enterprises to habits of the development of semiconductor industry on a regular basis, by leaps and bounds.

new battery technology shows a better tomorrow. Solid state thin-film batteries by solid rather than a liquid transport current, can reduce the size of our battery, enhance security, this kind of batteries can be made flexible thin film form, suitable for small mobile devices. But at Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory researchers, carter Srinivasan (Venkat Srinivasan), said it is unclear whether such cells mass production can reduce the manufacturing cost.

sources, bud tile jie team is currently trying to improve the existing lithium-ion batteries and advanced solid-state batteries, making them suitable for consumer electronic equipment, such as Google glasses and contact lenses can detect the blood sugar. An industry conference held in February, the bud, jay describes how the solid state thin-film batteries used in smartphones and other more thin, flexible, wearable, even into the mobile device. Bud jie said, to a wearable devices, such as Google glasses of advanced cell technology can help provide the function of the high energy consumption, such as video. For contact lenses, solid state thin-film batteries is more safe, because it does not apply flammable liquid electrolyte.

, the sources said Google other team is with the battery technology vendors AllCell Technologies, LLC, for four hardware Project development of larger capacity battery, Internet access service Project including balloon Loon. In 2013 Google display Project Loon video shows, Google technicians AllCell battery bundled in the Project Loon power group. After the balloon into the stratosphere, lithium battery performance in below freezing temperature become very bad. AllCell battery outside wrapped in flexible graphite material, able to quickly heat absorption and heat evenly, thus extending battery life. Project Loon Project technical personnel Jim not rush in this period of video, said Google is testing using a special formula materials, in order to better improve lithium battery in the performance of the low temperature performance.