I am a fan: grassroots community to share your football fans

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

I’m a fan is a local products for football fans, from guangzhou display information technology co., LTD. Founder Long Hao himself is a football fan, a former group vice President of Pacific Ocean network. In September 2014, he and his two co-founder with love of football and the dreams of the mobile Internet, chose the direction of entrepreneurship as mobile Internet football community, so “I am a fan” was born. Currently, I am a fan team a total of 15 people, six become technical personnel. Besides Long Hao, two core members also have network in the Pacific group, % : song hui, a former director of the Pacific mobile products, is currently in the team is responsible for the product and operations; Mao Zhijun has served as the Pacific mobile senior technical managers and architects, now in charge of “I am a fan” related technical issues.

I everyday watching football fans on the App information, fans Showtime community, talent zone plate, fans will and campus. Fans in the community users online activity is important, I am a fan through the virtual wave, aggregation and showtime way to create a warm atmosphere. Such as match, the fans in the community can spontaneously in virtual chat under the ball area by “wave”, to his beloved team, the fans on both sides of the through wave PK sentiment, achieve community activity and the exchange of the number of ascension; In addition to that, “I’m a fan”, “I am a female fans” and “not poking fun at understanding plug” plate, the participation of the fans have been stimulated.

business in the field of mobile Internet and football team now has a lot of, such as high-profile understand emperor, main football news and boutique information content; And hunting cloud network reported recently, do pictures of barrage function of sport social applications. What are the characteristics of “I am a fan”? “Our position is a grassroots, really tied to the fans, for fans to do the practical work, support the fans of the grassroots, help them grow up, let them within the community continuous output and contribution.” Long Hao convective cloud network said.

I’m a fan in offline very valued “grassroots” two characters. Fans union team organization to establish the university student, in each colleges and universities set up base areas, form online activities to promote the execution channels and media channels. According to founder Long Hao introduction, I am a fan at present there are 180 colleges and universities cooperation, the plan expands to 500 in this year. “Through cooperation with colleges and universities, I am a fan will gradually establish a college football association and grassroots supporters association of fans will circle shape.”

since products are iteration, I am a fan team didn’t do any promotion activity, user is mainly through cooperation with colleges and accumulating offline activities. Business model, I am a fans will consider from three aspects: one is to use the established channels and media resources, customers for the brand it products, and a member of the build system; The second is to co-operate with the club; 3 it is to make large user base, establish a game operation platform for mobile game combined transport. I am fans project in February angel rounds of financing millions of success, will be launched in September this year A round of funding.

cloud network think hunting, fan community application based on the large fan market, online community atmosphere and offline activities are equally important, and the key is the accumulation of user base and stay active. I am a fan of college football fan target first, this group in user perspective of offline activities and then to the online guide. How the software iteration more abundant, in line with the grassroots represented by college students fans fans of social demand, I am obviously has a lot of fans team should do.