Hunting cloud public class into chengdu! M technologies behind successful experience in this

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compared to other products, intelligent because the hardware in the development cycle, experience, supply chain, sales, need more patience, it was undoubtedly the bigger test for entrepreneurs. What problem for new entrants need to pay attention to and how to more effective operation, is also problem in most people?

hunting cloud network headquarters since its establishment, on March 14 in love sugar coffee for the first time held the entrepreneurship courses. Public class invited guests is very m technology two co-founder and vice President, CFO Liao Yang, COO XiaoShi (due to the guest is very m CEO Zhong Bo science and technology, because it is not present to a temporary have something). Liao Yang original work in KPMG, one of the big four, witnessed countless startups IPO process, joined in 2012 meters of science and technology, the CFO. XiaoShi influenced by university graduate’s first startup, the idea of entrepreneurship has never forgotten, after working in huawei for years, joined in 2012 meters of science and technology, as a COO, responsible for product specific operations.

cloud network CEO JinJiLei hunting the opening introduction

a rice science and technology is the first domestic, involving smartmovie products (or called super no screen TV) of the company, founded in May 2012. In August 2014, a rice announced 100 million investment, the investor is the east, chengdu institutions such as technology transfer group, become the domestic intelligent hardware industry’s biggest event investment financing. Very m science and technology is also the cloud network investment and financing platform of the earliest hunting for start-ups. (financing startups seek, to find, please add WeChat: jinjilei)

these are the basic situation, the following is compiled public class content sharing dry:

Liao Yang core ideas:

a, some experience in company operation

1, how to choose the entrepreneurial projects, and business model?

take recently very fire “drops shit” APP for example, to achieve the function is to help you find the toilet, just need to be? Big market? No enforceability? But if you are investor, will you invest? It should not be normal. A program should do, who can guarantee that can do, and even have some luck. Premise to determine to live, it is best to have a stable income to support entrepreneurial projects, got the financing and then it doesn’t matter.

2, how to find business partner?

a startup early is very hard, and the current market environment is better, the competition is very full, such as tencent tend to copy of the original companies tend to invest now, that is a big positive for entrepreneurs. Business partner at this time is very important, so, problems come, how to find? First you have to think about: what are your own resources and ability, what ability in the process of entrepreneurship, a subtraction, is what you need to find the capacity of the people. Ability is the foundation, the most important is between partners have Shared values and dream, want to have a consistent idea, this can be as much as possible, avoid internal contradictions, so just have the drive, such ability can have a chance to win in the process of competition.

3, branding and marketing

a good CEO must have a good market, a good product. If not only for selling products, to shape the brand, have to go to places of Beijing, Beijing is a very active, and in the Internet resources and media resources, Beijing is the most. Do the product launch, must go to Beijing. Have to do is to do public relations, advertising, brand to form a brand effect.

rice science and technology extremely co-founder Liao Yang

4, cash flow management

cash flow is very very very important in early-stage, should agree staring at the cash flow, always thinking about money now also the survival of enterprise future long enough. There are a lot of very cow force of the enterprise in the brand, supply chain, sales channels to do better, but in the end, because of the cash flow influenced by a lot, even some enterprises for the control of cash flow is bad finally died.

2, financing some share

1, the business enterprise how to finance?

in the field of Internet start-ups many have this point of view, and I am a Internet company, the early stage of the loss is normal. I don’t think this is right, you want to see you the cause of the loss, if we can bring users, occupy the market quickly, isn’t it help to speed the development of the enterprise. When I suggested that the early start-up financing needed a similar hunting cloud network platform, the platform can help entrepreneurs to receive direct investment agencies partner level decision makers, to improve the financing rhythm, avoid the waste of time.

2, enterprise valuation issues

the valuation problem itself is an increasing problem, first to assess the big market environment, in addition, in the early days, valuation or is of certain reference standards. Before start-up founding team members in accordance with the other company’s wage is have a certain reference value to the early start-up valuation is mainly human value, has been on the market value has been given to you a general standard. After, of course, the product out, there will be other valuation standard, introduced here do not do, interested in further communication.

3, employee stock ownership plan is necessary

many Internet companies play the game completely different with traditional enterprise, employees have no equity is no sense of belonging, employees can also manage well when less, when employees more management difficulty is big. How to ensure their self driven, can put the employees to become shareholders, the most important thing is that the growth of the enterprise and employees to share, to share with employees enterprise development dividend.

XiaoShi core ideas:

the hardware and software of the gap is very big, in addition to marketing and sales channels, supply chain is particularly important, especially for hardware field of entrepreneurship has no more powerful resources, supply chain relationship, it’s easy to die in the pit.

very m technology director XiaoShi

there is another dimension, they cannot do product, the difference between B2B and B2C is also very big, 2 b just need to get customers, 2 c in the face of the user, it is not a level, and impossible to each user to communicate. Is closely tied to the success of the product and user interaction, millet play is the industry best practices, BBS is a very important channel, can quickly learn the user’s demand, help product optimization.

hardware products even one screw is a little problem can’t be shipped, the company in small when it is best to have good suppliers to cooperate, but it is not easy. Jimmy in the first time in this area also planted get stuck. Mr Luo is not prepared in this respect, which leads to the enterprise appeared serious problem and public relations crisis.

audience questions

here are two meters technologies co-founder Liao Yang and XiaoShi for hardware business entrepreneurs to provide a few Suggestions:

1, a good partner is more important than a good project.

2, from the beginning should attach importance to the company’s financial planning.

3, find and seize the key points for the development of the company, which is the first product research and development capabilities, the second is on the part of the supply chain management. Consolidate these, and form a barrier.