Hunting cloud first “investor” : CPT capital Zhang Yuwen O2O depth profiling the Internet


will be held in hunting cloud network in recent share will “investors” series, the first phase will share in hunting cloud network headquarters held successfully, also opened for the whole series will share.

the current Internet + has been used in almost all fields and life scenes, entrepreneurs are devoted to this, this not 1 pet, the investment community for such projects is also a good hope and give corresponding support. What do you think this investor?

May 23 in entrepreneurial inspiration coffee, hunting cloud network invited to CPT capital investment managers, youth O2O branch director Zhang Yuwen capitalist club, the main contents of the share for CPT capital investment preferences and ? Internet + life service should be how to play .

CPT capital is a private equity investment fund based in Singapore, focusing on investment culture media, film and television, music, education, such as the Internet, new media culture. In Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, suzhou, changshu, wuxi and other places have a branch. Is active in the market, one of the few to focus in the field of cultural equity investment institutions. CPT key members of management team to invest in more than 30 enterprises in the field of Chinese culture, such as ctrip, home inns, sina, allyes, focus, net dragon technology, ebay, etc.

Internet connection all

Zhang Yuwen core ideas: the nature of the Internet is the connection, the original Internet appeared in the laboratory in the United States, the connection of four American university four physical terminal, information transmission between units in four bits terminal, as more terminals to join this net, the efficiency of information transmission between the terminal more and more high, costs less and less. And the rise of mobile Internet of things, a smartphone by hand, make the main body of each physical terminal became a man, the Internet essence became human connection , since human connection, the exchange of information and information to break the bondage of the space and time, the whole world into a 24 hours online, global collaboration, quick response and no organization, net without borders, but everyone’s contribution. Based on the nature of the Internet, and cloud computing, big data, machine learning, such as the Internet technology, Internet has developed search, download, games, e-commerce, social networking, wearable devices, intelligent household products, such as Internet and Internet has also been given a free, open, Shared, free, iteration, participation, decentralization, subversive spirit such as the Internet.

Internet service class for the life of business transformation

when it comes to the Internet service class of life the transformation of business, share Zhang Yuwen said: Internet service class of beer and skittles life transformed business, traditional business outlets, passenger flow is the core problem, and the core factor of passenger flow is set up shop location, once the shop choose the wrong address, in the full competition is facing the risk of failure, meanwhile its no good for the guest, before the advent of the Internet only by distributing leaflets, cast wide hard and perennial time accumulation of repeat customers, to get its development. Modification to improve the efficiency and profitability of the whole traditional business.

three ways to play the “O2O”

in terms of “O2O”, Zhang Yuwen also has carried on the sharing and communication, and mentioned three ways to handle O2O mode:

is a efficient matching bilateral market, improve the trade efficiency . PC Internet age to alibaba, ctrip, elong, where to go, 58 city sites such as represented by the information matching platform, to a certain extent, improved the original industry information transmission speed. Mobile Internet era, in order to take a taxi software as an example, beginning from 2012 drops and fast snare a taxi nearly two hundred million people in 360 cities, every day, more than 600 orders, hundreds of thousands of orders per hour into drops quickly backstage, taxi software background as a large and complex of the brain, through the vehicle condition/distance/location and other physical conditions, and historical data/reward system/virtual currency/user tips, the physical conditions, such as a real-time matching, improve the efficiency of the driver master’s orders, a taxi at the same time reduces the waiting time of users.

2 is idle resource allocation and utilization . Tangible resources such as house, car, the typical representative is reality, easy to transport, such as PP car rental company. Will spare room, idle vehicles and drivers, and used to create value. Remaining capacity other businesses, such as hotels, rooms, restaurants, airlines remaining seat empty seats, the cinema did not sell movie tickets, etc., all breeds opportunity, intangible resources include person’s skills, time, power, education, medical ability, etc.

three is to improve service efficiency. in the restaurant industry, for example, waiting in line, order management application, after the kitchen management systems, and inventory management applications can help businesses optimize the foreground, the background process, finally bring service efficiency and quality, reduce the cost. Such as the application and the queue or micro letter self-help order, the restaurant can release the manpower, and the limited human resources to use on the better service, at the same time order in advance after hutch instantly print can partly improve the restaurant serving speed and turn over rate.

share and exchange

after the share of questions, each founder also actively communicate with Ms. Cheung proposed his own problem. A firm’s founder, is put forward: currently, more and more people are involved in the business, in such an environment, how should choose their own team. Ms. Cheung said, the business situation of up to a certain extent, solve the country’s employment problems, also to a certain extent, to stimulate the consumption. But for entrepreneurial teams is not necessarily a good thing, everyone has his own ideas, team decided to not everyone’s idea, in this case, we will select the target and direction are consistent with our people that make up a team.

and an entrepreneur puts forward: CPT capital is how to choose their own investment projects. Zhang Yuwen replied: “this can answer, in theory, I personally go to in weiqi game, we walked every step to make its tactics, otherwise the last has been rounding up to find yourself is useless of time already is late, entrepreneurship, too, should choose good entrepreneurial path in the entrepreneurial process, the second is to choose their team as well. Investors are relatively more important is that these.”

although the first “investors” sharing session has ended, but cloud network of innovation service hunt has just begun, there will be a series of activities held in after hunting cloud network also bring benefits to the vast number of entrepreneurs group, hunting cloud network is not only a media, but also an innovation service platform, we are willing to do successful entrepreneurs “stepping stone” on the road, entrepreneurship to keep an eye on friends, hunting road of the cloud network will make your business easier!

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