Hundred meters: solve logistics last 100 meters of “finishing”

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“the last kilometer” consumers from buying terminals, like football “finishing”, which is a key link in the process of decision to consumers to buy. Consumer demand for last mile high, but because the cost of logistics cost and labor will not be valued by people. The hunting cloud network recently focused on “hundreds of meters” is a community service based on “logistics last 100 meters” O2O company, solve the problem that the working online parcel receive the inconvenience.

nanjing hundred meters to launch in October 2013, service content includes collecting parcels, online return service, undertakes to express delivery services, ticketing, capture expends, vertical life experience, etc. Now focus on the parcel collection services, hundreds of meters in the future will need through high viscosity parcel collection services, will flow and the vertical life into higher value-added services. Hundred meters co-founder Wu Gang (flower: temujin) to hunt cloud network, according to hundreds of meters to 2014 5 million provides a package a collection services, this year is expected to reach 20 million people.

temujin to hunt cloud network, according to project progress to now, the company has nearly 2000 of its partner sites, more than 80% is directly cooperate with the community surrounding the individual stores, and the merchants are training, in addition, hundreds of meters to be also a site with more than 50 property cooperation.

hundred meters need to solve the logistics last one hundred meters, meet the needs of the user

1. for consumers:

fast: Courier arrived at the store, consumers will receive prompt message, by SMS can quickly extract express;

low price: consumers in the Courier collection stores for shopping to return and send express, than the consumers directly contact delivery company to send a 2-3 yuan cheaper.

high frequency and convenience: ordinary shoppers the parcel about 2 pieces per month, some online talent achieve a week even two or three packages, consumers can after one-time take several packages from different express companies;

good secrecy: only when the consumer online shopping will be the site as a place of receipt, without having to worry about leaking home address and other personal privacy;

2 , for cooperation site: hundreds of meters to select cooperation site most of a commercial service for the residential area of soho, in does not affect the original business case, parcel collection on individual’s boss added a new source of income; On the other hand, you can pick up my package to bring traffic, drive the improvement of its own business services. Some original soho will even has its own business shut down, specialized management package collection business, higher income can be up to 23 ten thousand yuan a month.

at the moment, hundreds of meters needed partners are mainly Tmall, novice network, and motion, huitong express company. Future extension of partners will from three aspects: the other traditional electricity (such as will, only gather beauty is superior), many Courier companies (such as EMS, China Eastern express), a new type of vertical electric business and life service electrical contractor (such as E bag similar door-to-door service, such as the optimal motion similar raw service).

hundred meters in the range of services in jiangsu and anhui, the next will be entering the Yangtze river delta market, and then expand to the central and southern China. At the same time expand the team to meet the rapid development of the company’s business. In terms of technology, upgrade Courier transceiver system, optimizing guide act as purchasing agency website, creating their own communities micro letter public account.

hundred meters to the current profit from package collecting fees (1-2 yuan/piece), express mail (5-10 yuan/piece), third party services business is divided into vertical life, business promotion fee.

temujin told hunting cloud network, the company is in good cash flow, also obtained from nanjing government in 2014, “321” project of 1 million yuan. To quickly copy is currently exploring mature business model, to the end of may will start the angel rounds of financing, financing amount is controlled in 10 million yuan.

the last kilometer of logistics problems has been filed, the founders can see the gap, are trying to start new projects to meet the needs of users, such as cloud network hunting of the previously reported and and so on. Every vertical niche at this point breakthrough last mile, the author thinks that, if electricity cannot be self-sufficient, so work with hundreds of meters should be also quite good, Internet mode is not in order to improve the user experience, bring convenience to consumers.