Hundred: comprehensive enterprise service platform based on S2C


hundred enterprise service platform is one hundred people in chengdu all the science and technology, a comprehensive service product, platform to S2C (service to consumption) business model as the basis of the business, carrier completely cover the PC, iOS and Android platform, functional integration the purchase order, quotation, bidding, order booking inquiry, information publishing, information query, information push, evaluation system and so on more than 20. And depends on the service project implementation platform, and pull the merchant business flow between enterprises and users.

hundred enterprise service platform, co-founder of Wang Yanling tell cloud network, hunting for the healthy development of the industry, the team developed hundred enterprise service platform. Hundred aimed at resolving the current market (demand, pain points is divided into two parts: the first is for businesses, is the malignant competition, information asymmetry and merchants Internet literacy is low; The second is for the user, service process information asymmetry.

Wang Yanling think the O2O for service industry has a lot of damage, the first is for after-sales service did not control; The second all the consumptive link, payment start from the consumer in order to enjoy the service to an end, as to how to enjoy the service results, there is no solution at present a lot of electricity agent.

it is understood that in the first half of 2014 the national e-commerce complaints, according to the field distribution O2O service complaints accounted for nearly 24%, service encounter O2O also appeared the phenomenon of “water”, and the traditional S2C (shop to the customer) mode, S2C in hundred enterprise service platform is the representative of the service to consumption, namely the online service guide line, simple to understand that through the Internet to provide customers with good service experience, clearly identify the user’s demand, the merchants platform or product information delivery precision, and thus guide users offline consumption.

the products with high quality services free guide value-added services, purchase order, quotation, bidding, booking information and other services for free services, after will guide businesses choose advertising and push, the right to use statistical tools, expert consultation and business depth drainage and other value-added services. For users, will provide professional consulting push, entrepreneurs support programs, corporate growth plans, and other value-added services.

at present hundred enterprise service platform has been officially launched, is in the closed investment period, is expected to started operations in mid June. Wang Yanling for hundred of long-term development planning is service provider chain cohesion and restructuring, and the introduction of large data analysis related services, focus on corporate image shaping and circulation of word of mouth, finally to optimize the depth of the merchant business.

team, Wang Yanling Internet promotion, planning work experience for 7 years, the main policy experience in recent five years, successively from the page, and youku operations team to promote the main strategy. Co-founder zhang qiang, a former gold medal in real estate industry managers, real estate Internet pioneer. With large district management experience more than five years, market development 10 years experience in related field. Now the management team to take the round table, in the form of relatively democratic decision-making to the size of the company.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, hundred team has completed the angel financing, has launched A round of funding plan.