Hui cars: I made automobile door maintenance, repairing the plane’s thinking has housed inside the hna business incubation platform

hunting cloud network reported on February 25 (text/who 闫森)

after cloud network reported a hunting, cut into the future of O2O is after the car market. Cultivate a batch of free repair in platform, through door-to-door service free real craft mechanic.

from light auto cutting car market after the social space, the first car of the founder zhang Wells with hunting cloud network also has discussed whether some further such entrepreneurial way. Social product follow-up to run the test, the future products may not with the development of products designed to form. Why don’t you just do O2O after the car market.

here said the episode, a see investors, investors ask team background, zhang has told investors that they are well aviation maintenance, investors rather than ask, why don’t you set up a maintenance crew to undertake repairing the aircraft? The final end.

although investors ideas freely, but also does have a point. Professional person to do professional things. Then take the plane on the concept of grafting to repair the car? Opened another sky?

a well now, and the team’s new project would I cars are already in the WeChat can make an appointment. Team has also come to the hna’s internal business incubation platform (big enterprise is more and more open, encourage internal entrepreneurship is a good thing, give praise).


the advantage on the car I begin with hna staff service, to ensure the security of hna employees smooth driving to and from work, and to reassure them to ensure the safety of aircraft flying and improve service quality.

but then again, the door so many car maintenance products, bo Pai, carradine, E maintenance, etc., the user why choose hui I car? The plane thinking ground to car maintenance, in addition to the concept of service will fall to the ground.

now I owner is playing, with aircraft concept into the subsidy, maintenance inspection video all the way, using the plane material car maintenance supplies authenticity traceability tracking system security, with aviation repair tools right use of tool management system specification, truly maintenance history goes back and WeiXiuZhe traceability.

they have six fine service standards: air standardization, transparency, quality goods consumable zero profit, to save time, save money, also offers millions of liability insurance of construction.

the people demand for door-to-door car ownership has actually mostly for efficiency requirements. So in time has the advantage of controllable can provide cheap, authentic materials, standardized service of car ownership are living space has a lot of competition.

now I car service process is roughly as follows, users through micro letter to make an appointment after I car, customer service will confirm the maintenance time, technician sheet, material preparation – outbound – tracking; Technicians after the door is service, decorate venues, place the camera, ready to construction; Construction process, piecemeal and maintenance, will be old and new contrast photo, whole vehicle detection, the whole construction process; Service after the completion of the hui I car background technical team according to the testing data form test report within 24 hours, sent via email. Follow-up at the same time according to user’s car technical information provided free of charge the next maintenance, annual inspection, insurance and other cloud security alert service.

team, such as stated above, the background of aircraft maintenance team. Well, zhang graduated from nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, former aircraft maintenance technician, is taking down the plane really, belong to overhaul. During promotion done production planning engineer, assistant general manager, also spent hna strategy department. Whole team members include small repair aircraft navigation apes rocket elder brother elder brother + aviation maintenance management + 25 years experience in repair of longest “easy fix”.