Huawei P8: huawei mobile phone brand value, a “diagnostic test”

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the evening of April 15th, huawei in London, United Kingdom, released its latest flagship product, p series of huawei P8 and P8 Max. Remarkable progress of design language, and their detail in the field of communication and a variety of minimally invasive new to join, let huawei P8 the new flagship strength was significantly enhanced, more abundant connotation, make its have more to say. P8 as huawei’s new flagship, not only is the strength of huawei technologies; Cic is huawei in the more competitive market a brand under the touchstone.

a, visible promotion

the huawei p series of positioning in the high-end fashion, after several years of continuous improvement and development to the P8 today. On the ID design language did get a new ascension. Although its ID design language, in my opinion, this promotion is still far from jing is colourful, or even bring me more than old mouth that evolve from “the United States, is an attitude” for “will ascend to a new height” experience, but there is no denying that: under the four axis CNC machine tool precision machining of the integration of aluminum body, ultra-thin design without raised 6.4 mm and 1.6 mm ultra narrow bezel, 78.3% accounted for, let the inspiration comes from the middle ages library hardcover collection P8, became the huawei a product by far the most beautiful. Products look more harmonious, work material is more outstanding, quality improvement is real. Those ascending are showed in huawei products design aesthetic pursuit.

to remove in the design of the ascension, P8 this bring us more is: huawei will release its accumulated for many years in the field of communication power, with the hard power to promote the basic experience product, build technical barriers, to challenge the competition.

this time, to solve the problem of mobile web search and the signal of the experience of network connection, huawei in P8 will own strength in the field of communications has been developed to get incisively and vividly, using multiple communication technology. Huawei Roaming + technology, for example, through the technology can make Roaming sounet, connection speed 3 times; Through WiFi + technology, huawei can best WiFi connection signal automatically, and can be based on the quality of experience, connecting history, intelligent automatic startup WiFi, implementation in the 3 g/4 g/automatic identification and freedom to switch between the WiFi. More unique Signal + technology with the industry, through intelligent dual antenna design and seamless switching technology, solve the death grip of metal fuselage, enhanced Signal connection stability, increase the telephone connection rate. Huawei through its own technological advantage to tough experience the basis of network connection is the key to further strengthen.

in addition, huawei also joined in the P8 series such as electronic ink after screen protection shell, APP firewall, power consumption volume model, super hands-free did best companion (there’s a square dance), the language awaken and huawei claims that the revolutionary new experience – a touch of knuckles identification technology and so on many micro innovation. And in the present on the most competitive mobile phones and huawei in global the first of its kind in P8 USES 13 million pixel color RGBW four sensors, joined the optical image stabilization, is equipped with an independent ISP, and join such as “spirit” I self-time, “light shutter”, “time-lapse photography”, “director mode” also enhanced playability mobile phone photography.

huawei in visible on various aspects such as design, basic experience significantly increased at the same time, also brought to further improve the price hikes and expected performance. The market performance of P8 will is the touchstone of huawei’s current brand premium ability.

2, brand touchstone

as huawei high end p series, level of price is in 3000 yuan the following, and sales volume is not too ideal. While the huawei P8 price would be a start at 499 euros (RMB 3300), direct exceeding RMB 3000, pushing 3500 yuan of archives mouths, and huawei to P8 also has reached 10 million units in the life cycle of expected sales target. High price, 10 million target, this for huawei, is undoubtedly one of the more risky move. And the risks of huawei, the reason lies in huawei consumption BG in 2014 strong give huawei confidence and courage.

it is true that in 2014, huawei consumption BG is strong, according to huawei’s 2014 annual report showed that its smartphone shipments reached 75 million units, year-on-year growth of 45%; For sniper millet Internet brand glory series in 2014, huawei has entered more than 60 countries and regions, and shipped more than 20 million units. And in terms of brand value, huawei has become the mainland’s first on the list in Interbrand 2014 Top 100 companies on the world’s most valuable brands list. More importantly huawei in the high-end smartphone shipments of soared to 18%, the annual flagship P7 listed for half a year, more than 4 million Taiwan global delivery huawei Mate seven more popular with business people, 2 million listed three months delivery, managed to get into the 3000 yuan of above this for domestic high-end market, and present a one machine is hard to find.

2014 strong performance for huawei consumption BG more confidence and more courage. This may explain why dare to in the new flagship P8 Posting will start at 499 euros (RMB 3300) price tag and expects its sales target for 10 million. But the P8, will serve as the touchstone of huawei brand, it will verify that huawei Mate7 hot is inevitable phenomenon or an accident; Huawei whether this brand is really have the ability to get high-end brand premium.

of course, as a domestic huawei, although in the progress of the conference focus more on their own, but also failed to get rid of the domestic brands are difficult to eradicate brag and PPT body count camp solution and other ills.

three, difficult to divide the ills of

although yesterday over big mouth in many conference in convergence than ever, but huawei has staged in conference domestic already addicted to brag and PPT body count, camp for the iPhone, samsung, still holding the contrast of the spirit of not abandon, do not give up.

huawei will the knuckles identification technology, as a revolutionary touch new experiences. But the actual point of view, the use of this technology is to use knuckles and lighter screen or circle in order to realize the screenshot function, did not discuss the use of this feature, how high alone with his rather than using a more intuitive fingertips to operate, also let people doubt whether this function can afford “revolutionary” these three words.

in the present on the most competitive mobile phones and huawei in global the first of its kind in P8 USES 13 million pixels of four color RGBW sensors. And joined the optical image stabilization, is equipped with independent ISP. Remove the four color RGBW sensors, optical image stabilization and independent ISP have been used by many manufacturers. And huawei copywriter for the pick up of optical image stabilization propaganda to the stability of the optical imaging in the same level of “best, with 1.2 degrees Angle of stabilization, photo and video shooting in low light environment, the advantage is especially obvious! “ISP (independent image processor) is comparable to the SLR level. Naturally, the iPhone on the photo once again be seconds to pieces. Said the camera not say more, in honor of 6 Plus years ago huawei, claimed that the parallel dual cameras is disruptive innovation, but actual performance is difficult to satisfactory. Is still a far cry from what is disruptive, so for the P8 actual performance, before has not yet professional assessment, I am here to reservations.”

in the product design, thanks to the not protrude the camera, so huawei think this is a great victory, so in the design also don’t forget to apple, samsung to banter.

conference adopted “subversive applies, apple, samsung pole” of domestic modus operandi; Domestic competition in the same section with millet rice noodles, launch a carnival glory. This is can be explained by the sense of crisis, it is necessary to attack. But give a person the feeling is more huawei is still is a lack of confidence to their products, need to rely on others to flaunt self-center, to lift the self value, it is still a follower, not a leader, huawei has yet to have a mind yourself. As the essence of the industry giants, and instead of samsung and future instead of apple as own duty, huawei this is extremely harmful.

4, challenge the severe

a strong performance in 2014, huawei huawei to its implementation shipments over hundred million in 2015 sales targets with confidence. But in 2015, domestic mobile phone manufacturers millet, lenovo will be shipped aiming at one hundred million units in the archives mouths, and optimistic. Under the market capacity is relatively stable, this will undoubtedly make the market more competitive, and huawei facing the troops after the former Nemesis, “will be more serious.

in 2015, in the eyes of yu that “good at tip and small product, looks very successful, but they will soon disappear. In the long run, I think they are unable to survive.” Millet, millet Note in its latest products to significantly improve product quality.” “Focus too much on marketing and sales, but ignores the technology and innovation association”. After finish for the integration of MOTOROLA, its competitiveness is to be reckoned with. Its MOTO X legal channels reservation has amounted to one million a week. And huawei has not much competitiveness in mouth on the heart has always wanted to catch up with samsung also has awoken in 2015, its newest flagship S6 series markets reacted positively, its S6 Edge is a machine is hard to find, more Korean media said GalaxyS6 order 20 million. Block huawei three mountain has a good start in 2015. Although huawei P8 the flagship products also have good quality, but relative to the millet, lenovo, actually also is not too much lead. Huawei facing the market environment is not as “comfortable” in 2014, but that’s all for huawei’s nature is not as good. In 2015, huawei’s 2015 target can be completed, now is still an open question.



as a design language progress significantly, in detail, and a variety of minimally invasive new communication world to join, let huawei P8 the new flagship strength was significantly enhanced, more abundant connotation, make its have more to say. Although from huawei, the propaganda of their own “set technology of the fashion and the arts and humanities big beauty” is very far, but as a significant evolution of P series, P8 at much less groove, let it among the best products. P8 flagship as huawei 2015 open years, he not only to China in 2015 the “former Nemesis, after the giants” bad market environment, realize shipments reached one hundred million units main influences on the sales target; In a larger sense, it will play the role of huawei brand touchstone, his market performance will directly prove whether huawei has the capacity of high-end brand premium.

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