Huawei, a former bosses: new entrepreneurs should not be wearable devices

cloud network hunting note: huawei launched last year TalkBand B1 sales have more than 500000 units. This year, 2015 MWC world communication meeting, one breath repeating three smart dressing equipment, huawei huawei TalkBand B2 (intelligent bracelet), huawei TalkBand N1 (intelligent headphones), huawei Watch (smart watches). The huawei apparel products in four years and two years ago to start planning series products, such as the release and a series of products.

HongTianFeng: wide capital management, a CEO, a former executive vice President of huawei, EMT presidency. To see why he said wearable bubble will soon burst, why should not suggest new entrepreneurs do wearable devices. The following for HongTianFeng speech oral text transcript:

cities such as wisdom, smart home, intelligent wearable and a variety of applications such as solution belongs to the downstream industry. In these applications, some of the more mature, while others need after a period of accumulation and development to become mature. Here not only mature technical aspects, as well as other aspects such as the policy, the pattern of interests.

all interconnected application range is very wide, including all interconnected, character of interconnected, physical interconnection… Connectivity from the smartphone has developed for many years, now almost all things can be concentrated to mobile phones. Real, Internet has been entering a state of “big fish big meat finished”, and people is in itself has a lot of sense, highly intelligent individuals.

this means that the opportunity of Internet era is not that all people in the Internet, people-centric wearable device is actually the product of human nature. Home unless the end need to wear jewelry, people still don’t want to wear too many items in the body, or even what all don’t want to wear, so the products in the field of wearable form and appeal of human nature is the opposite.

entrepreneurs around people to make smart products is not enough, people is just a part of everything connected. Everything connected means that people have more intelligence tools, we should be more toward characters connected, physical interconnection areas, focus on industry direction, focus on how to improve the productivity.

, for example, China has tens of millions of elevators, but we don’t know that each elevator daily operation, the problem is not timely repair. So, we can give each elevator installation a wearable device? Now our country the elevator can only run 4 meters per second, Japan’s elevator can run 16 meters per second, the ultra high speed elevator in the process of high speed to make people comfortable condition, will have a lot of sensors, the change of parameters through this awareness and the change of the Angle to adjust control system, the more the higher the high-speed elevator requirement for smart. Intelligent elevator is in fact everything is typical of a case of the Internet.

beidahuang and arable land in xinjiang construction corps, for example, if we can put the farm equipment become intelligent, such as cultivated land use of tractor is can be changed into automated driving tractors, such as through intelligent operation can control the location of the sowing, fertilizing, watering, the intellectualized operation is efficient and waste not, can help the rural productivity, the economic and social benefits produced by the far more than wearable devices. (beidahuang tractor can be automated driving, this paper puts the intelligent operation also have become a reality.)

as a result of the limitation of background and experience, some entrepreneurs tend to choose to enter an area where technical threshold is very low, such as intelligent wearable. Now intelligent wearable and bulk is the same as the a few years ago, just lower the threshold of the group-buying, burn more money, in the field of wearable bubble will soon burst. Now should not be simply encourage everyone to entrepreneurship, there is no clear understanding industry to start a business would be more do more impetuous, only will be more and more low threshold of industry choice, finally lead to bad results.

in the Internet era, all shenzhen entrepreneurs have unique advantages: first, there is the world’s best supporting industrial chain, the second, the original hardware, software, Internet companies have a lot of talent, these will produce a lot of innovation talents cross fusion, like the United States is tesla motors and combining with the Internet. Third, entrepreneurial atmosphere rich in shenzhen, including the growth of the new company has never been so fast like now. From the IOT era to IOT era, from konka, TCL, skyworth to huawei, zte, tencent, to TongXin city, cloud news, popular balance of the car, the example of shenzhen is a worth studying, never backward.

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