HTC M9 and Galaxy S6 photos exposure, equals to put what tricks?

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in March day, plumbing duck prophet, in the coming march, the upcoming MWC2015 exhibitions, samsung and HTC these two old foes will meet again. As early as January, HTC has sent out the theme of “utopia in progress – JION UE TO SEE WHAT ‘S NEXT” conference invitation letter. In its official blog in February, samsung also drying out the theme of “WHAT ‘S NEXT” conference invitation letter. Both encounters gay friends before they go out in planning their Next?

in response, the industry have predicted the two companies will be released on March 1, 2015 annual flagship product. And according to the current wide exposure, all kinds of information disclosure, various rumors summary, two new product configuration is roughly as follows:

HTC M9 will continue its former generation acclaimed all metal fuselage design, the configuration will match the QHD screen resolution of 1440 x 2560, 3 gb of memory, qualcomm Xiao 810 eight dragon core processor, supplemented by Adreno430 GPU, built-in 2840 mah battery, pre-installed Sense based on Android 5.0 7.0 UI. The main cameras will carry 20.7 million pixels; While front-facing cameras will be based on ultra pixel technology 4000000 megapixel camera, equipped with double color temperature flash. But from the perspective of a current leak photos, on M9, it seems that HTC has cancelled on M8 adopts double lens design, instead of a single camera. And mainland version is expected to adopt mediatek processor.

while on samsung S6, its in the industrial design is far more than its on the configuration of rumours, reportedly will have a big change in industrial design, scrap plastic, for years in favour of similar to Note 4 metal box and the polycarbonate combined process or a full metal fuselage, and very likely use like the Galaxy Note Edge surface of the screen, and even of the screen. And you will keep the original on the function of anti-corrosion design as well as other features, and replaced the original sliding type fingerprint is similar to Apple’s press type fingerprint identification, and will follow up the Apple Apple Pay out based on the Loop Pay technologies of mobile payment system. In the configuration on the samsung Galaxy S6 or will adopt a resolution of 1440 x 1440 Super AMOLED screen, 3 gb of memory, the processor, or will have two versions, respectively their own Exynos 7420 processor and qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 processor, the main camera to 20 million pixels, support for optical image stabilization. But now that samsung will use their own Exynos 7420 processor on S6.

on the same day the two conference in March, for samsung and HTC in terms of the two companies, will be particularly important, is that they are in urgent need of a proven itself. The two companies in 2014, may say is not good, whether results or the industry consensus, make the two companies in a passive situation.

in terms of earnings, HTC and samsung results of two recent quarters are not to force, and it is difficult to satisfactory.

in terms of HTC, although HTC said its Q2 beginning from 2014 has maintained a sustained profitability. But according to HTC, according to results released this so-called profit is negligible. And the latest as of December 31, 2014, earnings in the fourth quarter of 2014 is not to force. Results showed that HTC in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2014 t $47.9 billion, up 12% from a year earlier, rose 14%. Net profit of nt $500 million ($15.88 million), the after-tax nt $0.57 per share, compared to the same period of last year’s t $600 million down 20%

the samsung, though still is the second most profitable held the smartphone industry, but the results last recession in the first three quarters of those profits are turning a blind eye. And according to its earnings in the fourth quarter of 2014 released by samsung, according to the fourth quarter profit of 5.3 trillion won ($4.88 billion), profits fell 36% year on year. Samsung mobile business profit of 1.96 trillion won, lower than the same period in 2013 of 5.47 trillion won, fell 64% year on year.

over the same period of the apple industry performance is cool diao fry day, according to the company, according to the first quarter earnings. Its first-quarter net revenue of $74.599 billion, more than $57.594 billion over the same period last year growth of 30%; Its net profit of $18.024 billion, $13.072 billion than the same period last year growth 38%; Its first quarter gross margin of 39.9%, up from 37.9% during the same period last year.

after reviewing self and compared with apple, in 2014 the results for the HTC and samsung, obviously is not the result of what they want. And caused by the results, the hustle and bustle at the recession on the dust falling pressure of public opinion. Is to let the two companies face a more difficult position.

although samsung is firm, android a brother. But its position in the industry and the consumers’ mind with serious market status. In its heyday, in the consumers’ mind, also has been saddled with copying, ugly, stigma large plastic and rely on marketing. Consumers about samsung copied apple design, samsung design ugly xiang, ten thousand big waste plastics and so on appraisal, and the domestic industry is samsung criticism as an object of ridicule, in order to push up, flaunt their products excellent. Throughout GeChang conference poke fun at samsung seems to have is customary. In the industry and consumer point of view, samsung is a freak. He is a man not to be, not respected is outstanding person. In 2014, with samsung for three consecutive quarters of decline in performance; In apple and homebred before and after the eruption, the industry is to bet against, samsung’s recession is the blowing the wind, has a wall and push. Such as “millet, dry domestic surpass samsung, samsung’s death; Samsung, “reports in the press, from time to time.

although HTC did not mocked like samsung, along with HTC M7, M8 two generations of excellent industrial design products, more let him get rid of the followed behind its years of ugly this loud and clear. However, HTC was given less fun, more because it is in a not be attention to the weak position. But the weak position can avoid more bad news, news about its offer will be also jumped out from time to time. And our nearest is about TCL to acquire the rumors of HTC, finally got HTC founder ms wang had to personally rumours.

if I want to use a word to evaluate THC and samsung 2014 of each, I want to samsung prosperous time crisis, HTC chronic disease is more appropriate evaluation to them.

under the poor all of these two companies don’t want to lay down and die naturally. HTC started strategic adjustment, reorganize product lines and attaches great importance to the Chinese market, adopt appropriate pricing with Chinese characteristics, the more aggressive marketing (recently also launched a rap to mocking apple and samsung), Desire series, high school low-end comprehensive measures, HTC seems to have begun to awaken. The samsung is replace the designer, concise line, the use of metal material, surface screen to extend the differentiation. Rumors will S6 codename as the Project Zero, meaning it all to start over.

2015 for HTC and samsung, a strives for the survival, strives for the development. Age is different, but Alexander. Don’t continue to poor performance in 2014 by the year 2015, march of the conference is very important. Its products can be in 2015 to win the satisfaction of consumer, will be is the key to sustained decline or rise again. , of course, I hope that the two companies in March 2015 the conference of the product can be glamorous and win the satisfaction of consumer, to inject more market competition vitality and excellent products.

note: from the perspective of the information of the current exposure, the two flagship product in the configuration on the top. But in industrial design, consumer concern is difficult to peek into the whole picture, but just now was the two photos of the product, all is not what is good news. Don’t know whether HTC for the unforgettable memory behind “ugly”. The M9 photos and M7, M8, compared to the two products should be a bit too much, its beautiful degree will regain the ugly back (maybe he will dual cameras also said not necessarily in a camera hole, I hope!), and the rumor in China based on the cost consideration, mediatek processors will be used. I want to say: HTC, are you in figure things? The samsung product photos seemed to salute is fun to be in the apple, don’t know exactly how. Of course, I more hope now appear in front of us these photos are just a so-called they let out the smoke.

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