How turtles technical community O2O “rice” ground

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community service is most likely to become O2O platform market entry point. Community has the very big platform value, consumption by people, especially the O2O more prominent regional characteristics, and the community is close to the daily life of people the most, is also a person stay for the longest life unit, but also the logistics distribution the smallest unit in the links of the network shopping.

“rice” is an online community convenience store platform based on LBS, products in February 2015, IDG capital of millions of dollars in April A round of funding, so far, there are meters have covered mom-and-pop stores in Beijing within five rings more than 600, 3000 + 3000 + orders, downloads, at the same time, rice has is to expand beyond 5 ring.

the user can through the App or a number (youmiyouhome) MiYouWei believe the public order, distribution, free of charge by offline entity convenience store businesses connected users and businesses, new users order will get 50 yuan coupon for the first time. Some rice distribution is free of charge, but distribution range and businesses can set themselves up to send prices.

as community O2O , community O2O market hot, hunting cloud network previously reported their type “affordable” and “ distribution at the end of the main community O2O platform for optimal” and so on, the competitive situation, the turtle technology sent how to make the community O2O ground?

1. First of all take “rice is compared with the big electric business platform, although like jingdong electric business platform has a broad customer base, has a certain advantage in resources, but also have limitations. Big platform “one-stop” work style to meet user demand, compared with vertical niche for O2O has the advantage of traffic, but the current O2O service has industry particularity, need intensive cultivation in the vertical field, can find and solve the user’s spot. In simple terms, compared with the big platform, rice has the vertical community service, service can be solid, deep into the user’s needs.

2. Compared with the similar community O2O products, rice have a choice from the convenience of husband and wife, instead of super large dealer. Community nearby convenience store number, husband and wife more distribution near the village, near the user’s needs. At the same time, considering the convenience of husband and wife controllability, community O2O most difficult is the delivery of “the last kilometer” problem, Jiang Changhao tell hunting cloud network, rice has every kilometers covered a businessman, logistics based solely on convenience store their distribution capabilities.

in order to make a couple of convenience stores quickly come to have m some platform, rice has the power of the team, relying on technology rapidly the offline SKU to upload, Jiang Changhao tell cloud network, hunting in rice have pictures of the goods on the platform is shot by rice have independent.

3. The last is the team’s strengths, rice is a technical team, the founder of Jiang Changhao pie, is a sea turtles technology is one of the early FACEBOOK entrepreneurial teams technology leader, is mainly responsible for large-scale web site framework and performance optimization, good at mobile terminal data driven product research and development. The whole team are technical, for the polishing of products has a wealth of experience.

Jiang Changhao tell hunting cloud network, he will work in facebook’s concept used in “rice”, the whole team advocate implementation, through data driven to guide the development of the company. Jiang Changhao doesn’t think it is burning up money to occupy the market share is a very rational. Entrepreneurship is a risky thing originally, have MiYouXian small-scale test to verify the management pattern, then large-scale replication, maximize reduce risk.

the next “rice” will focus on promotion work, team in Beijing chaoyang, haidian, wangjing do push, and specially developed for BD App, to push the personnel in charge of the shop can be real-time tracking and monitoring store orders, delivery speed, response, and so on, make sure that any shops out of the question, the corresponding responsible for personnel can timely response.