How to get the App Store? Look at their experience

note: hunting cloud App Store recommend has made the lives of many companies, especially in apple’s App Store, with its recommended list, means with the user, then means products survive… But is only a small amount of referrals. Look at these developers to experience. here from Business Insider, warp/weft Leila compilation, hunting cloud won key parts:

Business Insider recently went to Berlin and Prague, the “how to succeed in the apple store” the common problems, to the great success in eastern Europe company founders, below is their advice (answer questions company covers social, games, media, analysis services, network security, etc).

1. Create a truly great product

is very real and unfortunately, apple employees through the classification of observations in every country new App (can, for example, categories such as games, etc.). This is a very strict and comprehensive process. So if your products do very bad, it must not get attention. “The best” are the keys to winning the battle to success. “Your products for their endorsement,” sports news App Onefootbal CEO Lucas von Cranach said so.

2. Support the apple platform

task management service provider Wunderlist Lehnert said, Apple will update his iOS mobile operating system, OS X as its operation and Apple Watch iteration. Apple likes to see developers to quickly upgrade the App, in order to better match the characteristics of the new operating system.

Wunderlist and Onefootball in Apple Watche introduced the first launched the App. Cranach Onefootball said that in 2009, their first log in the apple store App is one of one thousand applications.

3. Drive developers to apple

apple to external developers to introduce their own “new stuff”, and its performance is guidance. If you can do to invite, send you go to the apple headquarters in California for a period of time. You will want more communication with the first line of people.

4. Maintain relations with apple in advance

a sad reality is that the apple store have enough elite. According to the previous experience to judge if the censors “who you are, can do”, then they are more likely to recommend your application. “We always keep good communication with apple, deal with Google.” Benedikt Lehnert said so. Onefootball Cranach also said he knew many of apple’s staff.

5. But if you have a relationship in apple, don’t step on the red

it is important to note that the greeting on apple’s friends to recommend, is a very bad practice. Better solution is to, you of the product is doing very well, so when you see the “relationship” your product can get special “care”. So make a metaphor, in a bar to do a “quiet man”, let apple the initiative to find you strike up a conversation.

6. Make sure your application is useful in specific apple products, reasonable

, for example, in the Apple App on the Watch, can’t completely copy the iPhone version of the design, according to different characteristics of the product to be adjusted. For watches, reasonable design is to see some of the most core information, such as the notice; And thanks to this kind of domestic equipment, such products do magazine, experience will be very good.

7. Keep your product elegantly simple

is very typical, Apple will release application design guidelines, such as Apple Watch. As a company, apple is have their own particular preferences and aesthetic: beautiful, concise. So repeatedly, please consider if want to go to apple products list, the complex, clumsy or ugly design if necessary.

8. Apple care App which index

apple will focus on comments, user participation, user rating, program download number, revenue and sales, as well as some other criteria, such as your application keyword search is good enough. A social software staff said: “we in order to get higher rankings, doing all possible to try.

9. Don’t spend money on user

at present, some App use advertising to get embedded in other software users. Whether it is apple’s don’t like it is not clear. But many have a high ranking in the app store software, have one thing in common, so they are hardly to get the user through advertising. But apple seems to have respect for this kind of application is very hot style.

10. Respect for apple’s privacy policy

the apple is very like a secret, and hate it with outsiders about internal affairs. So, if you want to keep good relationship with apple, and application in the future to help you get their attention, less to touch them a piece of “sensitive”.