How to ensure that online privacy data, Google tip tell you

cloud network hunting note: every day need to network service users very tall to the requirement of network security, the recent Google is pushing network security education, five types of 12 kinds of network safety tips to let Google users in a certain extent from the network security threats.

the threat of hackers and government monitoring is ubiquitous Internet common pitfalls, better and more secure network is to use the Internet every day each of us really need.

Google is to vigorously promote safety education, the company is to teach users how to maintain the network security on the Internet. And Google last week posted some safety tips. These safety tips can help users to better protect the identity information, passwords and sensitive documents, by the same token, the protective measures can also do better against hackers.

the rest of this article will list the five types of Google on the Internet when using resources keep safety a few tips, involves the search engines, browsers, and even includes a mobile device.

1. create a safer than simple password password

some people use the password seems very easy, even simple right when you see this password will feel very surprised, that’s incredible would anyone with such a password (for example, is to use the word “). Designed for each of the different services you use different password is very important, some password management software can help you do this, such as LastPass.

2. to protect your account and your photos, let them away from hackers

Google suggest using their two-step verification model, this model is a very convenient, but can fundamentally solve the problem of security measures. Its working principle is that when you are in a strange computer login Google accounts, Google will usually send a verification code to your mobile device, to further confirm your identity.

3. seriously on your equipment

this is a tip about mobile devices: use the PIN number, password, or any one of their own biometric option (for example, fingerprint sensors), make sure your device is not being targeted.

4. when you see a suspicious information must know its information

if you see any violation of the rules or think it has a problem, do not blindly waiting for it to report information, Google’s team in monitoring the information, but through the help in your report, can be used to create a better experience.

5. by updating your browser can effectively prevent the hacker attack

we have ever been software updates very be agitated, but this is to keep a very important part of network security. Older versions of the browser may need through the way of patch to fix security vulnerabilities, so, when your Chrome prompt update must be updated.

if you want to know more information to protect their network security, can take on Google page prompts, step by step, gradually will know how to do.