How to break a start-up company? See the famous summary of investors

note: hunting cloud business groups surge also from start-up companies in niche of living space, and even the homogeneity unusually severe, then break through hindering. If the enterprise has a high efficient sales and marketing strategy can bring many benefits, it means that the enterprise can with lower capital investment but can achieve greater scale.

us light venture partners John Vrionis,, excerpts from personal blog:

as an investor, an important part of the work I was discussed with enterprise product strategy, in addition to pay attention to market opportunities, market space, and the founder of qualifications, the product strategy of cohesion is the speed of light, decided to invest in a business or not a factor.

if you go to see some of our previous investment for the success of the company, or something which I hope will be our potential for project company, you will find that one thing in common is their strategy for the product. A good startup when designing their products must have to think in terms of the ground, so that they can in the most convenient and most efficient mode to enter the market.

from an investment perspective, we usually follow the market-oriented to focus on technology, is like the engineer with great enthusiasm hope that through an application to change consumer pain points. We also want to invest those who seize an opportunity and can bring the subversive ideas of entrepreneurs to the world, at the same time they can reach a better user experience.

I think a truly outstanding entrepreneurs should be thinking about how to set up a leading industry position of the company, not just stay on the money. In the process, they can have more efficient than its competitors sales and marketing strategy, based on this, the best way is through the establishment of a product strategy to push the sales and marketing executive.

before the specific examples, I want to explain why an efficient market mechanism is so important. Imagine in an ideal state of startups by zero cost to set up sales and marketing system, engineers to design a good sell products, let the consumer is easy to pay for it. In the ideal state of the scene, this kind of business you just need to pay enough wages to the engineer.

this is ideal, however, might as well go back to reality, let’s see some more actual situation. 99.9% of the time people produce purchase behavior because they have this need, plus the potential market to a certain extent, part of the sales. In the case of this reality, the capital at the same time to research and development, sales and marketing. Therefore, how to quickly and efficiently to form a sales team is start-ups in one of the most important steps in the process of development, if missed the best time to slowly to form, will affect the future revenue growth. On the other hand, if too fast or to form a sales team efficiency is not high, will only accelerate the process of burning money.

if the enterprise has a high efficient sales and marketing strategy can bring many benefits, it means that the enterprise can with lower capital investment but can achieve greater scale, or in other words with the same capital output can produce more benefits. This is a when in the market competition is more fundamental and can keep a long-term advantage, a good company will be realized through the implementation of the product strategy can promote efficient market mechanism.

then, let me specific examples. AppDynamics investment projects (the speed of light) is an IT management products, IT can provide a series of application capacity, scalability, troubleshooting and user experience on management and monitoring services. That is to say, if you want to know what caused the user has a very bad experience of application of this product can quickly tell you where is the problem. But the company in the application management (APM) in the face of fierce competition, because there are at least a dozen companies doing the same thing.

Jyoti, founder of the enterprise is a very early to see the huge market demand and technical personnel. At the same time, different from other competitors, he saw the APM build a better product. Most importantly, his strategy is to design a lower cost than its competitors enter the market products.

Jyoti train of thought is that he is aware of the product market space is crowded, and the product potential buyers are those who, like most of us don’t like to be selling. Jyoti decided to avoid like rivals by renting expensive space, a traditional way to use entity sales to drive sales.

he thought from the product itself. In his vision, AppDynamics 1.0 is a use of version can be downloaded for free, and download time not more than 2 minutes. Jyoti know that once you go through this way that means on the premise of a good user experience, he could be obtained through telephone or E-mail users, this will be a highly efficient use of capital model.

Jyoti believe that if we split the product strategy for the sales and marketing, AppDynamics is going to be a channel through the same but it will make more profits, at the same time to ensure that capital competition products.

in the present, can break through the start-up must be that the product strategy and marketing plan closely linked, should understand those outstanding entrepreneurs, on the premise of ensure product and technology, they have to make innovation in terms of sales and marketing.

so if you are starting a business or a business plan, might as well ask yourself, does your product strategy have been good enough to push the sales and marketing to active and advantage.

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