How to become a Bill Gates, Steve jobs, musk outstanding person

cloud network hunting note: someone is site, raised the question “how can I become like Bill Gates, Steve jobs, elon musk people”. This is silicon valley leader elon Musk’s wife Justine Musk of high ticket of my answer.

success from extreme personality, sacrifices and many other aspects. I think extremely successful just like what you think “success” and, you don’t need to be Richard or Elon so people can live a life of excellence, because you get happiness much higher probability of the probability of you become a great man. But if you are a man of extreme, you should be yourself, happiness is not the most important thing in life for you. Those with society, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, forced to an unusual way of challenging experiences the world people are usually a freak. They have their own survival strategy, and give full play to their unique in the process of growth of survival strategy, apply it to all aspects of life and created a unique advantage for himself. They have different from ordinary people’s way of thinking, different Angle of view things let them gain new ideas and insights. While others think they are more or less a little crazy. Or:

obsession! (Be obsessed.)



if you don’t reach for what you do, then give up! Only those who keep your obsession with things in the life, let you find yourself. If you want someone to help you, so you should do to live up to them to you for your help and pay (yes, you need them), that is to say what you do must be a big deal. Do great things can make you always keep a clear head, let you not be addicted to the surrounding people, also won’t get carried away for too long. Don’t for the sake of “want to be great” deliberately doing something. Pursuit of interest to you, because the pursuit itself will allow you to devote, to give you power. Extreme characters not only have wisdom, and will be crazy to work hard. If you work with no passion, no motivation, you will suffer from trapped or quit, can be extremely easily defeated, then you can want to cry.

persistent pursuit of love you, you will find a solution to the problem. That’s because you’re facing important choice will affect a lot of people, then you will wholeheartedly, at all costs to solve it. Before the discovery of the major issues, you may need to pay for several years to explore different areas of knowledge, you need to learn bit by bit, and then put you know knowledge linked to form a whole.

Not everyone is born with good genes, the head of genius, the energy and endurance of the superman is the essential condition of the road to success, you have to face not just the jet lag, mental fatigue, hostess, loneliness, pointless meetings, party a significant setback, household chores, and together with a partner relationship problems, psychological dark side, as a result of too little, the little people that make you upset, lack of sleep. Efforts to maintain the optimum condition of the physical exercise is especially important, therefore, there is always a moment you feel glad that you have a healthy body, a cool head.

great pressure for most of the people face collapse, and you want to learn to deal with it.

don’t have already been through the road, also do not try to imitate your role models or idol, never thinking of “next step”. Because in the past, countless people on the practicalities of the road, will never leave your footprint, to succeed but instead! Extremely successful, unlike other types of easy success. Useful things to others, to you is not necessarily useful, the extremely successful ideas and bold characters, make use of its unique advantages to come. Not to play, though they do not have or cannot or will not incorporated into everyday business structure or tradition, but that’s why they become one of the greatest entrepreneurs. They were reading disorder, they have a tendency to autism, they have adhd. They are round hole on the square peg, they always let people unreasonable, they argue with people, they like to rock the boat, they will send the document to burst. But they can bring disadvantage into advantage (like I mentioned before they are good at the strategies used by), even if it is not good at field to understand the importance of cooperation and make outstanding achievements.

maybe they don’t care about failure, or they are afraid of failure, but they will quickly free from it. They will have huge, embarrassing, the failure of the public, but will rise again, until success. When they encounter frustration, they will learn others can’t or never learned. They have incredible courage and resilience.

I write for reading this sort of thing they disdain. (this is not the irony to write these articles, the articles I love). They prefer to read, such as Alexander the great biography, or Catherine the great (note: Catherine ii), or about anything they think it’s worth taking the time to read books, the Internet is for them is a waste of time, because they know the value of their time, they can’t afford the time.

if you can read what I want to express the views of you feel this is an attractive topic, then I can continue to speak. I wish you good luck and gives you strength, maybe you need another cup of spirits.


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