Hotel price tonight: why did we fail?

hunting cloud network (note: this article for the founder of the hotel price tonight Ren Xin sharing, including his failure, reflection, and later a rare case of participation and observation. Last January, hotel price being jingdong group tonight. Ren Xin on the financial world weekly “summarizes the two years of entrepreneurship.

here are Ren Xin sharing:

hello, and make a brief introduction of myself, I am Ren Xin, starting in 2005, e-commerce do electrical contractor in Los Angeles in 2007. 2011 entrepreneurs do hotel price tonight, I also am china-eu business part of the students.

a lot of successful entrepreneurs is made of how things themselves. I tell you the sad past, let everybody happy.

I made tonight hotel price in 2011. You go outlet shopping at ordinary times, know the original price is $one thousand, but out-of-season more than two hundred pieces, the hotel room is the same. The logic of the bakery and clothes can use on the hotel? We talk to the hotel, let the empty hotel rooms for sale, we extract the hotel a 20% commission. The way we want to use the three parties supply, moving, rice model to the industry.

users, the hotel, we, who let the happy?

if it is you to do, is to provide you more hotel for customer choice, or a little less?

this things is very contradictory, many hotels, users must be happy, but the hotel is not happy. We are a start-up company, single quantity could not particularly big, if too many hotels, many hotels are not willing to cooperate with us, and we need to spend more time and energy to talk about the hotel. If the hotel is too little, too little choice, the user will not be happy. The hotel will be happy, but they got more orders, we were also more likely to talk about the hotel.

we found two examples, one is the foreign similar patterns, is put three hotels, to feed the three hotels and other hotel will take the initiative to run to your door. Second, deals, deals with now, but only a day early to sell a product. This tells us, from small to can more smoothly.

your second question, we should let the user where to pay? Mobile phone or at the front desk?

pay phones, the user is not too happy. One thousand I don’t go, and white to give you the money. The hotel open not happy? Happy, because no matter how to don’t come, money has been received. We can’t open happy? Happy, because money from us, we will make some. If it is at the front desk to pay, the user must be happy, but the hotel is not happy. Here is a tangle of problems.

the third question, zero start-up period rent location or rental office?

we rub with friends at the start-up stage company conference room can accommodate 10 people, very flexible but the unit price expensive. So it depends on how much confidence you have, to determine the future development, determine zero rent or the whole office. We think to the end of the year there are about 150 people, so we took the form of rental.

then, we select a small number of hotels, customers on the phone will be asked to pay room charge, the whole office rental. We believe that this thing, not only VC think so, too. Is crazy tuyere in 2011, we began more than 20 days, the product has not yet been launched, the first financing into account, and then some more famous VC for valuation. However, our marketing done too well, do too bad products. Because some of our own judgment, and some market factors, many manufacturers can’t cooperate with us.

on top of things, that is, then suddenly turns cold, capital market scale of business and people not smoothly, rent half vacancy, the most famous VC also did not vote for us. The measures must be taken that redundancies at that time. Most afraid of is not have money or no money, but think that rich, according to the money to spend, and finally found the money cannot come.

we envisioned, really exist?

I later reflection, why is this so? Found that we have been at the center of an uncertain – use the demand uncertainty, the solution not sure, their power is uncertain. user requirements is guess, no validation, self ability not stable and so on.

you really need to clear the pin to hotel inventory? shangri-la said don’t cooperate with us, for example, they need to brand, rather than empty, also not for sale, so not every hotel is the demand.

second, hotel really willing to put the remaining room at a low price to sell? some hotel or not, he is worried about the trouble, worry about buying customer complaints.

the third is even willing to hotel, people willing to operation? does not necessarily, the first is the amount is too small, docking, a day to cooperation, they feel trouble. Sales director of KPI, there is an average price, we get in the way of it to complete their KPI, it is no good to him. So when we are in the office to discuss, make things too simple.

also, users really care about the price? does not necessarily, may present a lot of travel is to submit an expense account, will not care about the price. Even care about the price, will be willing to sacrifice convenience and selectivity for low price? Not necessarily.

there are a lot of different places of China and the United States, 80% is a hotel chain in the United States, everyone a listen to just know the average price of the hotel, but 80% of China’s hotel is independent hotels, never heard the name, even if we cut down to the low price, others may not believe it. Moreover, americans hear ten kilometers have a cheap $one hundred will go to hotel, is only 10 minutes drive, but not necessarily Chinese.

in the case of so unreliable, to force it is no use. Like in the amazon jungle adventure, it is important to know the direction and find the opportunity, explore ways to clear before, run fast will only waste of energy.

if ascended the sky gives me again an opportunity, I hope I can see the correct target and path. But I think carefully, I have this ability? I found a sad fact that half I do wrong decision. I’m not very good at judgment, this problem not only in my a person, innovation is no one done, three years later will found what, who will be so sure?

users don’t need, also is hard again waste

when you fail, the first to reflect on yourself, where is the problem? How many companies are thinking about solutions at ordinary times, how about products, meetings, implementation, this problem is important, but too much energy on the hands, rather than watch the road. Project need to progress, and then if the user does not need to progress, it doesn’t make any sense.

hotel price tonight, we do think the user has 10 hotels can choose is OK, we think that the user can accept prepaid hotel room charge, we concluded that the hotel will for dumping spare rooms available, but our hard works? Only 20 a day, this is really a waste.

how to avoid this waste? User survey, it makes no sense to consult experts also useless, user feedback has its limitation. Only depth understanding of the user is likely to be useful, but most companies do both neither science, nor is rigorous.

what should we do?

what should we do? first before start work, the default plan wonky , so as not to prepare large office in accordance with the planned ahead of 150 people. When we were, every ten thousand pieces can be very nervous, at the time of smooth, financing 350 thousand can arrive. We manufacture environment should be stable, as far as possible to hedge the risks. A bit like futures, buy a hedge risk.

The second is to use

“opportunistic, actually”. if we sign the contract, but a a talk, you will certainly be over for two months. I need to sign up? I put all taobao selling can hotel here, anyway just 16 single day, I lost. In the beginning, hang on the taobao directly to the information, such as taobao 2 million hotel, I copied directly, users order here, if talk very smooth, I sold 550, 500, taobao has a lot of people buy my, illustrate my way by the way, it is good to talk about the hotel.

I need to do the APP? No, telephone booking, weibo scheduled, WeChat reservation, artificial processing can be done. Users can accept prepaid, I think I can. I need to pay treasure and docking unionpay? I put a pay button inside the icon, many points, I will go to the object.

old story finished, tell a new story

is the first barbie Mrs. , the small needle to the skin, then the subcutaneous very hot, the whole face of collagen is restructuring, the face is smaller. The things you can do, if you have a beauty project, students do a five years younger, on the Internet to do?

from the user to generate ideas and beauty, to the next all the beauty of the small piece of paper, put some link links beauty into one hundred steps, each step makes everyone began to compete, every step to think about it, what step to think of it, to see what this paper, the whole user contact list, what the user sees at contact, the thought of what list again, the same is quantity not quality, as it is the time of day, basically can produce a lot of far-fetched ideas.

out one hundred ideas? Everyone can ask project, things can be done within 1500 yuan, can be done directly. More than 1500? Big boss. All things first experiment. We have a function is the user on a hotel real photos, for users to see. If we work on a project to do? The product manager, put forward an idea, and then by the review committee decided to which one, which one do it again. Again is to do a background management system.

the whole thing is that things will find that one thousand pieces can be done. The most fundamental is that someone with, we said to the user, you take photographs in our hotel, we will give you a blunt words fee of $50. It seems to me that was speculated that this function to 5% of people are willing to participate in, the end user feel very fun, the 1500 can be done. 1500 to find some evidence for oneself, if the evidence is insufficient, to spend $1500 to give a proof.

this May 1500 pieces of beauty to fix, but all of the service can be 1500 pieces can go to measure. Now a lot of emphasis on creativity, but more of a design process, the smaller every originality, getting to 1500 or even 500 can solve. You do not have the ability to spend a little money a little, how can do 100000 or 1 million.

one example is the snail state , this site is just so doing is not good. Internet can optimize the space is limited, we need to consider how to optimize the entity economy, bad physical measurement, the Internet can regulate test, measuring entity? Still can.

such as phuket public traffic is very bad, we can build a public transportation, you should think to do a system do? I consider the problem of car, the problem of selling tickets, talk about commissions, route design, marketing, do these things down, a few months, probably can’t do anything.

there is a way now, don’t think so much, I just want to what happened, happened after changing something in this process. Let him grow naturally, not plan. Don’t traffic map, the first step of marketing, and don’t do what a good relationship with our hotel, only tell the hotel, we provide them with the guest, also don’t money, we look at how many people get on the bus, the humans, only the first week to do these things. Can send some brochure, next week next week again add something, the whole thing will naturally grow slowly.

phuket has many unsafe factors, I can do a 24-hour telephone, solve the problem of your safety, I need to have a operator, scheduling mechanism. We have any demand of the first step to solve the problem, and then think about how to do well.

a final example is about O2O, this case is not my operation. for example do big retail platform, we will research and build a platform, do a APP, keep a running team, thinking that when he wants to. Project has two stages, the first is to explore, copy in the second stage.

we look at how to do this project, the project started 18 days, first day opened WeChat ID told all company colleagues. Bought food service the next day, lay eggs before 2 PM, to buy him back before 6 PM. The fourth day is to provide the code and fruit service, order before 12 o ‘clock, at 2 PM to provide fruit after dinner. The fifth is to buy food service changed rules to 1 PM, emphasis on order format. On the eighth day is to increase lunch and afternoon tea. Is the ninth day is test result, yogurt. The tenth day is apologize and to thank, increase the breakfast category. Is based on user feedback to expand 11 S KU. The twelfth, questionnaire, understand customers the most loathe to give up the category, is 15 test users transfer operation and the willingness to pay.

they tried the transfer direction of three points, one is the user can move, one is the transfer operations, such as help aunt buy vegetables of things to do, the third is the supply chain can not transfer, we are not in business to buy things. They consider the second shift, make two aunt, which can make the aunt to buy, aunt charge 5 pieces to buy food, we test, and user demand for it is. 16 days claimed to increase “the aunt said,” aunt said recently what food is good, go without fire recently, aunt test is recommended. 17 days increase the coke and paper towels, we can own stock, we test the stock up. 18 days transfer target, testing new ways. Grasp the new client, when 180 people, this which one to buy anything on this platform, the project is over.

as otaku didn’t buy anything, we are testing what he will buy and use what means to solve his problem. nullnullnullnull