Hootsuite CEO: how to make good use of live streaming applications?

the author: Ryan Holmes (Ryan Holmes), the chief executive of social media management tool Hootsuite. (this article was originally published in LinkedIn)

you may have never heard of Meerkat and Periscope, may also have heard too much news about them. The two application allows the user to use smart phones broadcast live video, in recent weeks, they’ve gone from little-known “nameless” become the most popular topic in the tech world. Meerkat is march festival held in Austin, Texas state appeared for the first time after a week, Twitter launched its competitors Periscope.

around these two functions similar applications which better produce a lot of heated debate, but I will not risk involved. But for me, one thing is clear: no matter what kind of application won, live streaming media technology will not be a flash in the pan. From the Angle of enterprises, it has huge potential. In my company, we have begun to explore ways of using them, the following is the cutting-edge technology of two kinds of preliminary opinions:

1. The live streaming applications can be transparency and community construction tool

in the past three weeks, I will be in my office a week using a Periscope on a live broadcast. When I open this app, click “began to broadcast”, it will automatically be invited to my Twitter followers. I also send my LinkedIn and Facebook links. Here, your invitation can be Shared or Shared on social networks, attracting more audience. So far, have hundreds of people listen to my radio, and ask me questions about state Hootsuite and social media. Sometimes, comments and questions are very fast, almost all that I can’t keep up with the speed.

to me, this is valuable, mainly because of its immediacy. I can from the customers, shareholders, and those who are interested in social media to get real-time information, can obtain the products with your future update related Suggestions (including integration of Periscope), can also get quite a lot of feedback, what are the problems we have, for example, needs in what aspects can do better, etc. Of course, there are some comments from the subject, but most of all is closely related to this, let a person feel even an eye-opener.

at the same time, the audience began to understand me and my company. In the Periscope radio, my connection with the audience and trust degree of the high be shocking. Because the video is live, without any clip, also have no time to delay, so nothing can be hidden. Admittedly, this “feature” may not be for everyone. But for the right person, it is a very effective method, can help to establish a rapport with customers and help establish humanized company, help build a personal attachment to the brand.

in emergency cases, this kind of immediacy and authenticity are proved to be very important. As there is no confusion, delay and dithering, crisis might not upgrade, no transparency will not be able to resolve the crisis. When faced with a product recall, service interruption or other errors, executives involved in live streaming radio, can help to ensure their enterprise customers are valuable, no secret to hide. Distance to achieve this goal, however, may have a long way to go.

2. Live streaming applications can be used as a marketing and promotional tool

at the beginning of April, when the apple in the Spring Forward live events in the long-awaited release of smart watches, caught the attention of millions of viewers. Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) and other resources for a long time ago, apple has realized that although have unpredictability, but release live products will be of great benefit to marketing.

with the emergence of live streaming media application, start-up companies in their own share of new products or news, can find the same energy and passion. In Hootsuite, our social media manager jamie Stan (Jaime Stein, a new technology of early) has already begun through the Meerkat, weekly show “internal” tour of the company. A week, he would like to lead the new employees to visit the company headquarters, throughout all the company’s various departments, including the gym and yoga room, etc.

to attract more attention, when the company announced several days earlier in the Twitter and Facebook channel live streaming. When he launched Meerkat, his followers automatically, we further on social media spread the news. When Stan introduce company backbone employees, display Hootsuite dozens of office only pet dogs, explain the welfare office and provide immediate comment about living here, will attract the audience attention and comments.

so far, and start to pay attention to the audience of these activities is only hundreds of people, rather than tens of millions. But live streaming application has provide a new channel, show our workplace culture, help us to recruit more talents. Because it is spontaneous and immediacy, therefore will not attract so many people like ordinary application.

Twitter was because children share food update originally refers to distraction, and unpopular. But today, for network, promotion and advertising, Twitter has become an important tool, the valuation of more than $30 billion. Companies using the Meerkat and still evolving Periscope. As Twitter, however, their real value after months or years to emerge. (sail)