Honey notes: on the basis of the text paragraphs units, record and share knowledge essence of social notes applications


the reading habits of people in this age great changes have taken place, read the content of the medium from paper to screen, people often see very good on the Internet “food”, most people will choose “collect and forward” manner. But after that, the content is like being in the “limbo”, again through the possibility of very low, even turn out to collect good articles to peruse, estimated that most of the collection of articles have been submerged in the collection of information, it is difficult to find. Not only that, but the reader in the collection of all kinds of articles, often because interested in certain content or passages in the article, is not a collection of the whole article. How to extract the essence of the content, the essence of how to put these fragments content filtering to become their own knowledge of structured, pain points are to be solved.

“so we want to do a does not affect reading process to extract at any time, at the same time in the Internet can help readers to read in knowledge management tools. In this case, I want to develop the software.” Honey notes CEO XiaoYiFan so explain the origin of the project to hunt cloud network. traditional notes application is closed, one-way, users can only see their own notes, could not see the notes, reading other things of others, also cannot interact with others. Different from the traditional note taking tool, honey note is a note tools at the same time, it is a social sharing platform.

honey notes UI is very concise, only divided into honey, my friends lists, and honey, honey four plates. user can highlight the content, the notation, excerpting and playing tag, and the content as the secondary editor, to share with others content or interested in you. Although impression notes or youdao cloud notes are introduced a work group chat, cloud collaboration concepts, but on the whole, this kind of application notes or focus on personal records, social concept is relatively weak, more is not an open knowledge sharing platform. And honey notes as long as you don’t set permissions for personal notes, so other users can view to share your notes, and comments on your notes and excerpts “honey” .

is different from other tools according to the document for the unit, honey notes on products and focus on the basis of the paragraph, the paragraph is one of the most basic of honey container, you can use the button labeled it, set its provenance, honey will be automatically generated labels for you, if you are in the honey of the built-in browser copying a paragraph of text, honey can help you add the source automatically, including the title of the site, links, you can very convenient adjustment between the order of the paragraph.

honey notes are XiaoYiFan second startup, ever with partners to open an advertising company, in more early, is director of focus media clients.

XiaoYiFan tell hunting cloud network, in order to make more valuable share notes, honey notes are working with some of the ideas in the field of elite, since the media contact, let whole honey notes more valuable content and depth. from these Settings and layout, it is not hard to see honey notes to build a platform for knowledge sharing in social way, allow the user to establish a common interest, level close circle of friends of reading . In the circle of friends, can continue to spread the good articles and books, and on this basis, the user can find the elite from all walks of life readers to articles, books, articles and reviews. When a user in reading these articles and books, also can draw nutrition from the wisdom of others.