Holidaymakers: Taiwan home stay booking platform, focus on doing outside the home stay facility

(/xiao-miao li wen)

is the most important is not the scenery on the road trip, but can understand the place to which the local conditions and customs. To travel to Taiwan knows, Taiwan tourism one of the biggest characteristic is a local home stay facility .

on holiday, a home stay facility “Taiwan” booking platform, dedicated to provide users with overseas boutique hotel online booking service . Online and in May 2014, at present platform has housed more than 1800 home stay facility , founder of holidaymakers Lv Jianbiao tell hunting cloud network platform all the home stay facility is holidaymakers team in Taiwan field, strict screening out of , in the home stay facility have pingtung/kenting, Hualien, kaohsiung and keelung, basic has covered the whole Taiwan .

is currently on holiday home stay facility provided by the room classification have single rooms, double rooms, three, four and so on, can meet the different needs of users. User can go on the basis of the region’s arrival and leave time, travel, the number of room price information on the platform, such as choosing appropriate home stay facility, every home stay facility will be equipped with basic breakfast, broadband, home appliances, etc., and to provide users with the perimeter of the home stay facility public transportation information.

rely on Taiwan’s special geographical environment and historical culture, each a home stay facility in Taiwan have their own unique style, screening of holidaymakers platforms have love honeymoon classes, parent-child suite, sea view room, surfing room kind of home stay facility, somewhat akin to the theme of the hotel artificial .

on holidaymakers platform, there is a section called “ navigate Taiwan find most beautiful home stay facility “. Mainly introduces the ilan, Hualien, Taiwan kenting, nantou history background, landscape features, location characteristics, and on this basis, the characteristic of open the home stay facility in Taiwan.

in addition, on holiday also provides users with visa handling, travel route DIY, music festival tickets booking, airport transportation, car rental and other services, founder Lv Jianbiao tell hunting cloud network, the service is to do, in order to improve the user experience is not the main core services on holiday.

Lv Jianbiao, serial entrepreneur is an online travel industry , was founded in 2010, travel guide application “music from Tours”. Business to do on holiday again in 2014, the hope can become a “reality” with Chinese characteristics. At present Taiwan’s home stay booking platform and,,,, etc. Lv Jianbiao tell hunting cloud network on holiday the biggest advantage is that holidaymakers can take the home stay facility houses real-time stock information, guarantee the user experience .

Lv Jianbiao tell hunting cloud network, is currently on holiday has won nearly thousands of investment, and the day of cellular, where to go and travel tips online platform to achieve cooperation.

at present there are 26 people team, team members from IBM, also has a convenient experienced personnel in tourism products, the original growing company executives have also joined on holiday, is responsible for Taiwan’s overall resources integration of home stay facility.