Hokkaido proud: for the well-being of the villagers Irisawa youth entrepreneurship

cloud network hunting note: someone once said that knowledge, encyclopedia can replace; But considering the new ideas, new solutions, but nothing can replace. Want to create your own heaven and earth, and see the Irisawa action for you. Open your mind, don’t let the opportunity slip away.

before the smartphone era, Takuya Irisawa in his hometown Sapporo, a most famous high-tech company. From 2002 to 2007, Irisawa Crypton Future of Media, the Media department manager. When the clamshell mobile phones become the trend of The Times, his team is working to make a lot of money.

“during that time we release a lot of the bell, and thus has achieved considerable income per month,” Irisawa in an interview said that “this is a very successful industry, but I’ve never really seen customers in the use of the product. It gave me the feeling is very empty. I want to build a company can do more for the society public welfare undertakings, one can use mobile technology to solve the environmental and social problems.”

because of seized with the idea, in February 2007, Irisawa choose to leave the Crypton and created his own company – Ecomott. The move comes in Crypton Hatsune Miku before. Hatsune Miku is a even in Japan are well known in the world of virtual idol, that’s right is at the beginning of the future. In addition, although many of his business contacts with local high-tech project is concerned, but he did not regret at the beginning of choice. Then, Irisawa in only 100000 yen ($850) and a computer under the premise of opened their own entrepreneurship.

for the love of his native, Irisawa still chose in Sapporo, Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido, the capital of set up his own company. The city has nearly 2 million residents, has become Japan’s population’s fourth largest city. The city area accumulated snow all the year round about six meters deep, so it has become the snow up to one of the major cities on the planet.

there is so much snow in the city, it created a lot of daily life of residents. So either by hand shovel or plough car, people need to frequently shoveling snow, this is time consuming cost down, and potentially dangerous. For many considerations, some parking choice under the pavement installed heating system, to achieve the result of before the snow to melt. This is done through large boiler heating the large amount of hot water piping system.

“the boiler need to use a lot of fuel,” Irisawa explains, “it has a — when it began to snow, snow sensor boiler will automatically open. But they are not as perfect as I thought, even if there is no new snow, they will often open.”

because of the imperfect of the sensor, so the workers often need to drive to the parking lot will be closed manually, and in this process would waste more fossil fuel.

“I know the problem requires a remote solution,” Irisawa said, “so I design the success of our first product Yurimott, in order to solve this problem.”

Yurimott is a remote monitoring system, the ability to connect the domestic telecommunications operator KDDI 3 g wireless network. It took 24 hours to the camera, have more complex sensor array, and the system before the monitoring staff will pay close attention to the trend. If the snow much snow, it will automatically send alarm monitoring personnel, and then monitoring personnel can decide whether to need through to the boiler. When the snow stopped, they would have to shut it down. This is a very simple solution, in Japan, north and northeast region of more than 1000 users have begun to use, and can help reduce their oil use 40% per year on average.

for Irisawa Yurimott is an early success, but he realized that his company need more development, not only provide a single service.

“in qiu dong season, our business very busy; But obviously, in the spring and summer is not so, “Irisawa said,” in order to keep the business is thriving, we need to work all the year round.”

Hokkaido much snow, but it is also the area where the Japanese population at least. And because of the lack of the island’s population, thereby promoting the development of the local farms. Hokkaido has a quarter of the cultivated land in Japan, and is the country’s wheat, soybeans, potatoes, Onions, pumpkins, corn, milk, beef, and a variety of crops, such as production base. For Irisawa, contributing to point the agricultural sector seems to be just lift a finger.

Irisawa inspiration from his first product, after he and his team have developed a similar camera power sensor array. But in comparison, the new type of product and has some new features: the temperature, wind speed, humidity and water level sensor. Because the farms are often located in than to more remote parts of the parking lot, it needs to be independent of the heating system, so they increased the solar panel power supply.

Irisawa to some farmers for help, but unfortunately most elderly farmers (or technological illiterate) has no interest in his wireless crop monitoring solution. Though his plan failed, but he was turning to the development of the construction business.

due to the increase of noise meter, Irisawa to sell his invention to those who hope to be able to monitor the workplace safety and noise pollution of construction personnel. By using the same as the original equipment of the wireless connection, Gembaroid collects the data and uploaded to the cloud.

“they need a way to change to monitor noise levels, so as to achieve the aim of can avoid pestered by local residents. Therefore, we provide them with a volume visualization model, namely monitoring the noise from each site, “Irisawa said,” it is only a temporary solution to act, because the site building takes too long, so the use of solar power and mobile data is the key.”

since 2009 after the release, Ecomott around Japan has more than 4000 construction site deployed Gembaroid system.

although Irisawa can have invented gadgets for a living, but not until Irisawa realize the “two or three years ago”, he has set up a Internet company.

“everyone is talking about a lot recently about the topic of Internet of things, but as early as a few years ago I had begun to do it,” he said, “I want to use my knowledge to build something new in this field.”

Fastio launched last July, became the latest service of the company.

“fundamentally, establish a iot products need both sensors, gateway, network and cloud servers, also need a hard software and some security applications,” Irisawa explained, “and then, we can put them together, so that everyone can experience the power of the Internet of things.”

to Fastio start, in addition to AU, Ecomott also successfully with Japan’s biggest wireless operator Docomo combination. Irisawa talked about a hypothetical question and solution:

fantasy, you are operating a coin-operated laundry business. If you want to know every machine usage and revenue, profit of each business day, or you, you must take time to visit your shop every day, open the each machine, and then one by one, the number of COINS money hand cramps. But with Fastio, it can help you to complete the remote computing.

Irisawa added, so far, the service has successfully attracted 10 owners, most of which the owner distribution in Tokyo.

although Irisawa relying on their own efforts gained Ecomott early success, but he decided to accept the sole investors in 2010, the local Hokkaido risk investment Ventures Hokkaido (vc) investment. At the time, Hokkaido Ventures invested 60 million yen ($507000).

Irisawa recalled: “since then, we began to receive a lot of sponsor’s visit, but I always make them come back disappointed.”

“on the issue of attracting potential investors, I do not feel difficult; , in my opinion, the biggest challenge is how to find staff in companies, Sapporo, “Irisawa also explained that” although compared with Tokyo, Hokkaido is not only more beautiful natural scenery, lower cost of living, the seismic activity is smaller, but still stop the pace of the many young people choose to follow their dreams.”

although he insists to keep a secret, but in my opinion Irisawa next goal is to make his hometown Sapporo, a young engineers and entrepreneurs sought AnGuLi life place. This truth is like the local parking lot staff haven’t install Yurimott system before, proud of Hokkaido entrepreneurs had tailored ready for them.