Ho ho: when private bodyguards technology, the movie scene in the real life

May 13 (word/yan-mei wu)

on January 1, 2010, China’s security services the first administrative regulations “security services management ordinance” (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) formally implemented, “byelaw” regulation, security services company can provide personal escort service, national recognition “bodyguard” legal identity, at the same time also makes the bodyguard industry to see the new blue ocean.

today, career for nearly 2 million people in the United States, is three times the national police. Hong Kong, Macao and other regions of professional bodyguard have also been put into the; Developed cities in China, the bodyguard in short supply, but bodyguard company usually mysterious whereabouts. Damage happened frequently in the news report, how to let the bodyguard service covers more people, can quickly get help those in need, ho ho (Soloman) ready to hand over a paper.

ho ho Soloman (English name) is an online personal bodyguard service APP, the main private bodyguard O2O services, through the docking offline bodyguard service company, at the same time to absorb the martial arts coaches, sports colleges and universities students, veterans and special individual bodyguards, get bodyguards resources, to meet user needs. Technology quickly get bodyguards nearby resources by LBS services, online order, enables the bodyguards to rapidly, and the users get the services.

at present, the product has launched the iOS version, users choose to use on the mobile end time, fill in basic information can place the order, according to the different needs of users, the bodyguard direct door-to-door service. Currently available services “encourage and protect, VIP escort, business negotiation, risk treatment, risk assessment, private bodyguard shuttle children, accompanied by tourism, and so on. These classifications is basically in accordance with the original bodyguards do to the company’s high frequency requirements. Charge according to the length of the number who, to determine the health level. The upgraded version 2.0 online can see bodyguard looks like in order to ensure the identity of the bodyguards.

in more and more social insecurity, under the intrusion of people face more and more unstable due to environmental damage. Ho ho founder James tells a reporter, begin to notice the direction because companies have offline bodyguard company resources, through comprehensive analysis, found that many people have this for the demand of the bodyguard,, but a lot of people is not in order to fill the market blank founding team on the basis of the original bodyguard company do this Internet platform, let some martial arts coach, bodyguard, veterans, college students go can also be involved in the protection activities. Meet the needs of the society at the same time can also help coaches to complete additional revenue.

ho ho founder James told cloud network, hunting products will always adopt the light mode, and offline bodyguard company signed a contract, for offline training. This allows relatively closed bodyguards for more user resources, second also can guarantee the professionalism of the service. Individual guards before mount guard for authentication and a week of service training and background checks (no criminal record, no drug use, no history of alcoholism, family background and so on depth survey), training more pay attention to the training, combat skills and legal consciousness to work within the bounds of the law. Future will gradually promote standardization process, gradually will join each city’s bodyguard, convenient market promotion, expanding the scope of the services.

products also provide long-term bodyguard service now, is the main target groups in the upper classes of users. Ho ho will build user evaluation system, including service quality and skills, service attitude, and a series of evaluation scope, to supervise the service quality.

team currently has eight people. Founder James, product technical experience for many years. CEO Zhao Bao, graduated from the capital institute of physical education, the national level athletes, who won the wulin wind and domestic professional tournament champion. Legal adviser FuChengWu, China general chamber of commerce legal adviser, “art” international legal adviser, China’s commerce ministry evaluation experts, “China time-honored brand” AIPPI China branch member of the international protection of intellectual property rights association.

when it comes to the future way of promotion, James said will be offline promotions, and cooperate more club stability. Followed by online marketing, including weibo topics and major application store promotion. At the same time also will consider for international cooperation, user consumption habits of relatively mature abroad, at the same time the foreign friends in China also have this aspect demand.

now since the angel round, for product further iterations, the development of domestic and international market.