HIV can be as simple as pregnancy: only $30, 15 minutes

to verify its accuracy, the research team to Kigali, Rwanda’s three community health service center of 96 patients were tested. According to this week’s science translational medicine: 97% of the patients after the use of the equipment, will recommend to others.

from Columbia researchers to develop this kind of mobile phone accessories, make it easier for rural health workers to identify people with life-threatening sexually transmitted diseases. The current HIV and syphilis testing total cost $8.5, even need to spend 2.5 hours to complete. According to the situation, patients even before the treatment.

the researchers, said: the rapid and reliable testing can be performed in any place will be places such as Rwanda life-saving straw. And by comparing with the testing results of the standard, the team found that whether the detector in judging cases infected, accuracy reached 70% to 80%, and the death toll could reduce at least ten times.

in order to meet this requirement, the team needs to solve several problems. One challenge is to simplify equipment, let anyone can learn after 30 minutes of training its operating mode.

actually method is very simple: device has a button, the user press the button, there will be a needle (1 microliter) and blood dilution, the collected blood samples of disposable plastic box full of detecting carrier inserted into the instrument, the iPod touch (the same applies to the iPhone) press the start, after 15 minutes will be able to see on the mobile phone display screen test results of three kind’s materials: HIV, syphilis helicoid and treponema pallidum.

another problem is the need to ensure that the product low power operation. Maximum energy saving way is to get rid of the electric pump power, instead of compressible rubber ring, create a vacuum. (the working principle of the rubber ring and manual blood pressure monitor)

in the end, after the equipment through the headphone jack access, can be directly powered by a smart phone or iPod. Before need to re-charge the iPod, the team can complete the 41 test. (the team added: battery life longer iPhone can run more test after a charge)

let’s look at how the efficiency of it:

the first is the AIDS virus: this device can correctly diagnosed all hiv-positive patients and 87% of patients with negative. There are 12 people got the false positive results.

then is syphilis: one of the test is 100% accurate, and another to identify the different types of antibody testing accuracy was 92%. (a false negative result) it can correctly distinguish between 79% and 92% of people who carry no syphilis antibody, also can be said to be 19% and 7% of the rate of false positives.

in the interview, 57% of the patients with praise for the test of high efficiency, 44% of people appreciate its detection at the same time the function of various diseases, 95% of people don’t have to be blood.

the results of the study, said: all of the performance, the accessories price is very reasonable. Such a test traditionally, including the equipment need to spend up to $18500, compared with the method of the research team, expects accessories manufacturing cost is only $34.

a biomedical engineering professor at Columbia University and director of the research team Samuel Keith ia said in a statement: “the quality of the laboratory immunoassay can use smart phone accessories complete, such ability of mobile phone will change the way of the world’s health care services.”

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