Higher-ups show GMIC Beijing 2015 announced global speaker (8)

since 2009, the global mobile Internet conference GMIC walk in the forefront of the mobile Internet industry, has become China and even the world’s most influential industry conference. GMIC Beijing on April 28, 2015 to 30, at the national conference center held again, the exhibition scale is three times as the previous.

2015 conference on “[move] all things” as the theme. This year also invited the mobile Internet industry leaders and innovation pioneers nearly a century of lectures during assembly, gather the global cutting-edge ideas and thinking, connecting the global innovators. Now, we have been invited to more than 50 of the world heavyweight guest. Here are some sure to attend a guest speaker:

tencent COO

bring Ren Yuxin

Ren Yuxin, tencent’s chief operating officer, and interactive entertainment business group President, mobile Internet group President. He worked in the company in 2000 to join the tencent, value-added development department general manager, interactive entertainment division general manager, since September 2005 will be entirely responsible for interactive entertainment business system of game development, operation, marketing, channel sales, etc. Since May 2012, served as chief operating officer, is under the leadership of comprehensive interactive entertainment group, mobile Internet business group and social networking group work. Before joining tencent, Mr. Ren work in huawei technologies co., LTD. Mr. Ren in 1998 graduated from the university of electronic science and technology computer science and engineering, and in 2008 to obtain an EMBA degree from China Europe international business school.

huawei honor President of

bring zao Ming

zao Ming to join huawei company in March 1998, successive huawei CDMA/WiMAX/TD product line President, global wireless solution sales department minister, Italian representative, Western Europe, vice President of duties, such as in different positions and have made outstanding contributions. In March 2015, zao Ming was certain to return home from Western Europe, as President, huawei honor sales department responsible for glory business of global expansion. Zao Ming tough character, have the courage to accept the challenge, has the rich experience in overseas markets, especially familiar with developed markets, will inevitably lead the glory brand deepening global faster.

Synaptics, President and chief executive of

bring about Rick Bergman

Rick Bergman since September 2011 to join the Synaptics. Previously, as AMD group general manager, senior vice President and products. Resignation in AMD, foreign media reported that: Rick was AMD executives and employees are widely regarded as the most influential top technology, is AMD based visual media business.

sea silver capital founding partner

bring Wang Yuquan

Wang Yuquan, science and technology trends and Internet experts, sea silver founding partner of capital, Frost & amp; Sullivan, the chief adviser. Sea silver capital is an investment in China’s Internet companies and the United States high-tech enterprise growth risk investment funds, layout in frontier science and technology, is committed to the innovation of the enterprises at home and abroad to provide the intellectual capital, and resources to fully support.

new Oriental online CEO

bring Sun Chang

Sun Chang, vice President of new Oriental education technology group, and new Oriental online CEO, director of new Oriental group business online education sector. Joining new Oriental in 2005, was formerly China netcom broadband investment department of the general manager.

GMIC global plan

mobile is the future of mankind, the mobile Internet conference is the eyes of the world may go.

this year, the GMIC start global eight station plan, lead the innovation of the brand, gathered the innovation center in the world the power of innovation to:

Beijing, China (April 28 and 30, 2015), the United States, New York, June 11, 2015), Tokyo, Japan (July 10, 2015), Jakarta, Indonesia (August 11, 2015), bangalore, India (September 9-10, 2015), San Francisco, in silicon valley (September 28 and 30, 2015), Sao Paulo, Brazil (November 2015), China, Taipei, Taiwan (December 15 to 16, 2015).