High frequency service campaign, touch the dalai in pet O2O perspective of the door to take a bath

(word/Wang Saiying)

“pet industry O2O is around three aspects: first is goods entrance, pet supplies diversion of offline to online; And then the services, including, foster care; Finally is pet social, through pets to meet like minded of pet owners. Among them, the pet social is not just need to be, because the pet social is easy to be infiltrated by other social products.” Touch the dalai founder Hou Guopeng such convective cloud network said.

it is reported, before touching the dalai is a pet social products, including pet camera – stroking a pet, it is because the pet is not just to social this aspect, it is difficult to give a pure pet social product to achieve perfection, so since last September, touch the dalai team start preparing the pet grooming service O2O, from beauty cuts to bathe the pet door, the main high frequency low value of the services, in order to get the user.

after, touch the dalai in trial operation phase, tried dog door-to-door beauty ‘hair and other services as the entrance, but because of a temporary problem of fur processing so start with take a shower first. Is developing electrostatic protection solution to breakthrough bottlenecks in the tool.

touch dalai founder, said in an interview with hunting cloud network at present, the bath door to door service by WeChat to manipulate the public, the future will not try to pet grooming O2O service architecture in the previous social products by stroking a pet, single roll out the App on mobile. User input in public, such as pets and service address information, can make an appointment beautician the door for the dog a bath. At this stage is the scope of business in Beijing within five rings, the next stage will gradually get through first-tier cities such as Shanghai shenzhen

touch dalai service normal price is RMB 39/times, and first order can enjoy preferential activity of 9.9 yuan, services include: small dogs health examination, nursing (eye, ear, nails, etc.), shower, protect hair, shaving, such as 6, long approximately 40 minutes. Hou Guopeng said, not only to preempt the market price of 9.9 yuan is a losing proposition, even is the normal price of 39 yuan nor profit, but to take a bath is the high frequency and high standard service, frequency for at least twice a month, in the meantime, hopes that by the door to wash the dog forging ties between the beautician and pet owners, improve user viscosity.

domestic dog crowd the main pain points is a dog in the learning cost is too large, it also provides door-to-door beauty bathing service opportunity, bathed pet provide door-to-door beautician ACTS as a free consultant role for pet owners to solve all kinds of questions in the process of a dog, and to provide scientific, professional maintenance advice, these hidden services have strengthened the user reliance on fixed the door beautician, when a user using high viscosity, will also use other low-frequency high-value beauty services.

and other traditional industries into the O2O market, pet services both in the door to take a bath and beauty, is to avoid the pet owners to take the dog to pet stores the eastlands and the possibility of cross infection, and raised the beautician. As Hou Guopeng notes, O2O is the speed and strategy in the field of battle, in the ultimate service on various difficult real differentiation, how to quickly grab market, as well as the strategic path is need to be tested.

cloud network hunting understand, touch the dalai in December last year millions of angel round the middle capital financing. Now touch the dalai beautician team more than 30 people, day order at around 200.