High finance, and who learn offerings for grab market – subsidies to the users of 160 million

at the end of march this year and who study in the national conference center announced A round of funding amount is $50 million, more than the previous by millet to keep the record of A maximum of 41 million dollars, has caused great attention.

and who learn also announced in yesterday’s media Open Day will be held on June 16, the first carnival “learning”, on 1 June solstice during June 15, united 150000 teachers and 150000 education institutions across the country, to the user to issue 160 million yuan huge financial aid. And, and who learn also set up special “poly HuiXue” channel, provide free courses.

“online education broke through the limitation of time and space and distance, can make excellent teachers use online education affect any one possibility, in rural children in remote areas or traffic block can also through the Internet, online education, access to the best quality of teachers, the best education.” Founder and who learn xiang dong.he says.

follow who also released a set of operational data in nearly three months since, on the platform of registered teachers from 70000 to 157000, in institutions fast expansion from 1000 to 1000, the ground operation 10 cities in the country and city increased to 45 cities, it is less than three months, gave birth to a lot of income of millions of “hot style” teachers, the most profitable teacher income of 210000 yuan a day.

who learn CEO xiang dong.he view, education in the future market will appear more and more individuals teachers, teacher’s studio and all kinds of professional education institutions, who “learning” with the third party platform for they bring a lot of free flow, help them to establish brand, recruit students, at the same time steering mechanism on the Internet. “The next few years, and who learn the main goal is not to profit, is still a product”, xiang dong.he says, “investors money haven’t how to spend”.

it is, the business model to see too important, and overlooked the team itself. The second trap: set up the team is not successful, does not pay attention to the leadership role models. The third trap: entrepreneurship unclear division of split shares. The fourth trap: take the money. The fifth trap: looking for talent is a continuous process. The sixth trap: heavy products, ignore the marketing

and who learn was founded in June 2014, the former chief executive of the new Oriental xiang dong.he lead to create, is a docking at the ends of the students and teachers service electric business platform, students to find the teacher and the teacher to students through two-way demand. Unlike many vertical cut into the online education programs, and who learn from the start trying to build a similar big taobao’s education ecological system pattern. Platform covers the entire education to produce different niche on the chain, including studying abroad, K12 counseling, the various skills of course of language learning and interest. Have completed the ficus altissima capital in March of this year, qi fu, kingburg industry investment fund joint venture capital A round of $50 million.