Hi figure SDK: say goodbye to the simple reading pictures from magazine or let images will also be able to speak

(text/Wu Liya)

cloud network hunting note: in the national map reading age, when you went to a wonderland, dress up like a fairy, took a wonderland full of pictures, but it can’t will you at this moment heart “I also immortal” little excited fully expressed to the inner regret? If pictures can talk, no matter any time leave photos at the same time, also can leave the inner feeling and monologue, that should have much good. Don’t worry, hi figure with images “tag”, in the form of rap with Edison to appear in front of you.

hi figure SDK initial positioning is to do one for ordinary users, useful and fun “pictures + label” type of App, but due to the limited funding, App promotion is difficult, co-founder Li Zhongli was considering a transition from the business model. Li Zhongli convective cloud network, in order to avoid disadvantages, team in September to adjust the direction, decided to make it a tool, the promotion function to the rest of the App, the service object from ordinary users into each App companies, from B2C models for B2B, has the advantage of this transformation, need not spend too much money to promote App, can use more energy for the promotion and popularization of the technology of the product. At present there are five core team personnel.

about “photo + label” this new game, a lot of company said is not very understanding. Li Zhongli to hunt cloud network, said hi figure the concept of the SDK, is actually the image as an interactive window, image is equivalent to an entrance. The location of the label on the picture, for example, if the marked “chengdu” on a picture, click on the label, will appear with hi figure to add the same label images and dynamic of other users. Tag actually has the directivity function, can instantly close relationships within a circle.

hi figure labels now also increases the function of speech and links. The voice to the image, image becomes a key scene, faster than video flow is more economical. And link function can let the image links to personal home page, shopping page, etc. Also can increase the tag in future versions of the comment function. Click on the photo comment tags, which not only can see others for the image and voice comments, oneself also can comment, this form to make images look more concise and clear, than the barrage comments more concise, beautiful, more ornamental. The
When it comes to user positioning, Li Zhongli convective cloud network, says that all developers and application images, all can become their target users, such as cosmetics, food recommendation, beauty makeup, social, education, etc. Understands cloud network hunting, if do such a technology that need capital market estimated at around 30000, needed to make 1 to 3 months, Li Zhongli stressed that a lot of small and medium-sized companies, more the pursuit of speed and efficiency, the vast majority of the company’s technical staff to develop some of the most basic things, one is to develop other content need time to study, 2 it is to find the technical implementation of logic, need manpower cost, delay product progress, if you want to outsourcing, technology cost is higher, and hi figure can provide professional image annotation for the App free solutions, provide technology service, help them to solve the problem of cost, in one day, to help them achieve this function.

Li Zhongli to hunt cloud network, said as much as possible in order to meet the personalized needs of user company, hi figure introduced a different dimension of label, mark, style, such as popup effect can choose their own labels. Also, the user company USES the technology of hi figure, can leave no logo and slogan on hi figure, let the user company’s own development.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, now in the form of “picture + label” has gradually become a trend, taobao, day cat these large electricity are already using this feature, the special do nice photo sharing software is a large number of “picture + label” functions, valuations have now about $300 million, more and more mobile terminal App was attracted by such a fun game. This is the hi figure will lock users to the App company.
About profit model, Li Zhongli convective cloud network, said hi figure more pictures, hope to be able to use as the link when image links is big enough, the “guide to image data statistical analysis, labeled, accurate search and marketing solutions”, such as through the picture for the user to the exploration of a new advertising model, for the average user personalized content delivery and so on.

cloud network hunting understands, at present had applied for the company to work with hi figure has more than 50, contains pictures such as social, social, food recommendation, travel community, workplace and electricity industries. There are several foreign developers have submitted the application. Hi figure is stepping up its English version of the SDK development team.

about financing, Li Zhongli said now money is a big problem, also hope to be able to complete financing as soon as possible, intensify hi figure technology development.

cloud network think hunting, before any new game has not yet formed tide, will be questioned by different companies. But, like Uber, as long as the foothold is really stand on the position of the user and brought a whole new experience for the user and with different convenient, so, the trend of the wind to blow is only a matter of time. Li Zhongli said: “I had identified hi figure, resolutely resigned, and will certainly do it to the end, give up such a thing, I really can’t do it.” Hi figure how the SDK in the future development, we will wait and see.