Hero precious little hero: can bring “their children,” Mr Chou and Steve ballmer

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On the afternoon of March 20,

, “in order to ensure that HTC successfully into the next 10 years of growth stage”. In HTC think about the replacement of the CEO’s strategic decision. HTC announced that HTC, founder and chairman of the board of directors, CEO of ms wang will replace Mr Chou was its CEO; And Peter Chou, CEO will take a back seat, focus on products and technology research and development for the future. Has on several occasions said publicly: “did a great Peter Chou, CEO candidates don’t have other considerations.” Ms wang or replaced Mr Chou, shifted his mountain. And change at the moment, more show the plight of HTC has been increasingly intense, has reached the last moment.

a news, the industry. And at this point also reminds me of another industry bosses – Steve ballmer. In August 2013, in order to make Microsoft to get rid of the “old symbol, to quickly into the new channel”. 14 years at the helm of Microsoft’s Steve ballmer announced that he will resign in 12 months. Microsoft also on February 4, 2014, ushered in the new CEO — — satya Della.

Peter Chou and ballmer and character between the two was born in the same s industry leader has too many similar trajectory.

a, Mr Chou

Mr Chou was born in 1954, after completing their studies in the initial joined di guido computer, as a senior engineer; Later in 1997, together with ms wang, zhuo fire soil in Taiwan taoyuan county HTC, and served as chief executive to HTC change so far.

Mr Chou as chief executive of HTC, under his lead, HTC with keen sense of smell, in symbian competing with Microsoft Windows Mobile period, HTC choose cooperation with Microsoft, the monopoly Windows Mobile phone market share of around 80%. And in the android has just come to the fore, and the Google cooperation, HTC and sharp launched the world’s first android smartphone. By choosing appropriate teammate in different periods. HTC has quickly become the pioneer of the early stage of the android camp, establishes a high-end brand image, beyond apple’s market share in the us market, and in 2011 reached the peak of the market value over $33.5 billion for a time.

but not for long, HTC after the peak value is reached, plummet, not only to eat the apple Google and samsung, SAP more self-reliance is exorbitant, miscalculation market situation, missed out on the Chinese market this big fat, and insufficient and staged on product innovation, confusion and chaos of the drama. Confusion and mistakes again and again, again and again missed opportunities, let their android. HTC from these mistakes and to make a change, want to get back to peak, the nation but to little effect. Cooperation with Microsoft, launch WP phone, but as a result of the existence of WP ecological veneer and nokia, HTC in WP camp is always can be neglected in the second position in ten thousand. To be a partner with Facebook HTC Firs also dropped. Since 2013, launched a new flagship HTC ONE M7, and the subsequent M8, has met with warm reception and awards, although in many ways but fall into the failed to sell. In high school low-end comprehensive attack, also didn’t bring HTC can make key sales to rise again. All these changes, have failed to bring THC he had hoped to return to, and chaos, step by step to HTC in a prolonged recession and hard to survive today.

2, ballmer

Steve ballmer, was born in 1956, after completing their studies in the initial join p&g company for two years as the assistant product manager, then began in 1980 as a friend of Bill Gates, Microsoft, from sales to Microsoft executive vice President of sales support to succeed Mr Gates as Microsoft’s CEO, until the end of 2014 Microsoft to find a new CEO.

in ballmer Microsoft more than ten years. He not only resolved Microsoft antitrust investigations as many as 20 countries at that time, 206 class-action lawsuit 40 states and 12 competitive enterprise appeal, and the success of the maintenance of Microsoft’s public image, avoided the fate of breakup over the company; And its under his leading, Microsoft becomes one of the largest technology provider in the enterprise market, he led the “Exchange, Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint, System Center and Dynamics CRM, the blog, Windows Azure cloud service” has become a strong contender in the field of these products or dominant, and it is these products laid the foundation of Microsoft into the enterprise market giants. And he led the Xbox also successfully break into the sitting room of consumers, edging out the nintendo successfully, and SONY’s calculation, the end of the Japanese rule the pattern of the game console market. And during ballmer at the helm, although has experienced the failure of the Windows Vista operating system, Microsoft in the PC operating system of the leadership is still no one can shake, Windows and Office, two head Jin Ju beast also continuously contributing to Microsoft’s revenue. Steve ballmer, Microsoft income tripled, profit doubled.

but people are more likely to remember the mistakes of the others, all the credit for than the error so profound. Under Mr Ballmer, focusing too much on Microsoft itself, to protect Windows and Office, ignoring the outside world and miss out on Internet search and mobile Internet, rapid rising and let Google and apple to Microsoft aura; Although the fight against Google in the search field launched Bing search, on the Mobile operating system has introduced Windows Mobile operating system and subsequent Windows Phone 7, 8 operating system against apple’s iOS and Google’s android operating system. But today, Microsoft in the search field and mobile operating system is still struggling, and the term of Windows Vista and Windows and Windows Phone operating system failure, Kin series mobile Phone and bad Surface computer performance. Let Mr Ballmer and Microsoft in the era of mobile Internet in an unprecedented passive. And Mr Ballmer also labeled the old label.

back HTC from the growth of the contract, to value beyond the nokia once reached the peak of more than $33.5 billion, and then to defeat apple samsung and domestic friend today decline and the future of he life of this period of history. HTC’s brilliance and decline cannot leave the close comrade-in-arms of ms wang Mr Chou. All the way back under Steve ballmer, Microsoft’s mishaps, the PC of Kings, move the laggards, although still is the industry giants, but without any difficult in the future. Microsoft’s brilliant with confused also cannot leave the gates close comrade-in-arms of ballmer.

3, conclusion

Peter Chou and ballmer, both of them are under the trust of founder led the company to the peak, but also make the company get into the dilemma of the new era. Merits, real hard to discuss. But the only thing we can confirm that for their constant love, perhaps in their eyes, the company is their children. But it is cruel: they have already can’t continue to take “their children”.

on leaving speech, always rushing around ballmer tears when Microsoft farewell to his beloved, crying. And Mr. Chou, although the news is not much, but we can imagine his sad. Fortunately, under the guidance of the new CEO, Microsoft, has already set sail again; But HTC can under the guidance of ms wang to set sail again?

the last into a “river fairy” to say goodbye to this two with his love to the company’s former CEO:

rolling Yangtze river east a mill,
Spray out a hero.
Success or failure is turned empty.
Castle peak is still in, several sunset.
White hair on the river,
The moon used to see the spring breeze.
A pot of unstrained wine or liquor reunions.
How many ancient and modern things, pay a proverb.

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