Help community APP “friends of the reward” online, and pay treasure “in place”

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last week, for the community login “friends enjoy” apple APP store, users can be based on the geographical position to release a variety of needs, and set up the reward amount, near to recruit people to help. On April 1, this with paying treasure to release a new set of big data system “in place”, is based on LBS release requirements and setting, the people around looking for help.

when it comes to meet the needs of individuals and finely the starting point of this product, still have a lot of space, “in place” advocate of “everyone is mobile ATM” this concept is mainly from the company strategic level of alipay, need and real personal and finely needs to solve is a more complete set of process, can’t just rely on alipay, the so-called credit intermediary.

friends enjoy: release requirements, set a reward, the recruitment solutions

traditional electric business part-time are store model, outsourcing, to show “goods” for people to choose, in order to better matching supply and demand, search, ranking arises at the historic moment, but these are still can meet the needs of everyone today? Until today in development of the Internet age, the user need the space of individual character, more social platforms of various drying, is a kind of very good embodiment. Friends to watch, can bask in demand, a variety of needs can be released, set up the reward, recruiting solutions. As the demand side, the solution of the active party means more precise matching, at the same time, more important is the demand side have more options, who’ll JieBang, decided by the billboard people.

friends admire to undertake a small demand can be all kinds of life, also can be personalized even wonderful work requirements, issued a list of your needs, set up a reward amount, near to recruit people to help them; You can also in the “friends of the reward” for some list, you have the ability to help JieBang, complete the task list, can get a reward for services, and the rewards can be a real money, also can be a virtual currency U drill, and the accumulation of U drill can also be in the “friends of the reward” mall to exchange gifts. So, for some people who want to earn a little extra cash, “friends of the reward” is a good choice, part-time model, generation of delivery, delivery, distributing leaflets, chatting day, such as the use of fragmentation or free time can easy to earn extra money.

light community task requirements, users to deal with each other, establish the resources social

friends enjoy is founded by Internet start-up team GuoPu technology based on LBS a community task requirements, its founder Liu Long and the core members of our team are in the service of tencent company, has years of experience in software development and rich experience in Internet industry.

a friend of the reward is based on the location in time point to build a “light mission requirements communities”, to help users based on location (for help), looking for valuable resources that users can at low cost for another user to provide a product or service (solve task), and to establish a “social” resources. Based on location, in addition to your current location, also based on the position you are about to arrived, such as: somewhere to go to Shanghai tomorrow, need to seek a help in somewhere nearby and so on, we to demand the release of the billboard, and this feature set is known as: billboard from a distance. Founder Liu Long explains “friends of the reward” features “billboard” from a distance.

Liu Long convective cloud network, “friends of the reward and alipay” in place “. Guide “in place” is O2O door-to-door service platform, and at this stage of your friend has to do with hunting cloud network has previously reported similar communities tend to demand.

friends enjoy now presented to the user is only a demand of community, the products are constantly improve, the new version will be submitted to the App store next week for review. The above mentioned functions will be reflected in the new version. At the same time, the new version by scene demand segmentation tags to do, such as to act as purchasing agency milk powder “Hong Kong” for the label, let users can find accurate demand.

a friend to watch is currently under angel rounds of financing, the specific amount of hunting cloud network not convenient revealed that for the time being.