[heavy] alibaba for $2.4 billion to buy into the light media, among the two shareholders!

March 4, 2.4 billion yuan to buy into the light media. by this news, the light media opening harden in the afternoon, share price is 33.11 yuan. After this alibaba stake in light media, accounts for the total equity of about 8.8% after the company issued, become the second largest shareholder at the company.

after reports that millet or to take a stake in the light of media, but the latter clarification announcement on January 30, said the light media on non-public stock with millet negotiations, the company has not yet received the subscribe of millet company letter of intent.

light media at noon on March 4 announcement, the company received on February 16, the CSRC approval approval of non-public company stock, the non-public total amount is RMB 2.8 billion yuan, of which the controlling shareholder of Shanghai light investment holding co., LTD., for 400 million yuan (about 16.51 million), the rest of the investors in the manner of inquiry in the non-public.

announcement, the non-public already on March 2 for inquiry book-keeping, on the private line pricing, subscription and placement of issuance has been submitted to the China securities regulatory commission for the record. According to subscribe, the issue price of 24.22 yuan/share, and determine the amount of subscription object and subscribe to: hangzhou ali venture investment co., LTD. And Shanghai light investment holding co., LTD., subscription amount 2399999980.98 respectively and $400000008.94.

it is important to note that alibaba group’s ali pictures, mainly engaged in TV and movies media related business, to produce and distribute films and TV series . Ali pictures during the recent successively with shenzhen radio, film and television and radio and television, guangdong and will first electric system agreed with guangdong radio and TV drama of customization. investment focus on the light of the film and television media, a more powerful layout shows ali in film and television industry.

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