Headquarters: CPT capital investment preferences reading service and Internet + life should be how to play?

hunting cloud network headquarters on May 23 (Saturday)? Hold the CPT capital investment preferences readings and Internet services + life should be how to play sharing activities. The current Internet + has been used in almost all fields and life scenes, entrepreneurs are devoted to this, this not 1 pet, the investment community for such projects is also a good hope and give corresponding support. What do you think this investor? Hunting cloud network will be held in the near future share will “investors” series, the first stop will be in the cloud network substation headquarters open, this activity will by CPT capital investment managers, young investor club O2O branch director Zhang Yuwen preferences and to share the CPT capital investment? Internet service + life should be how to play . ?

CPT capital is a private equity investment fund based in Singapore, focusing on investment culture media, film and television, music, education, such as the Internet, new media culture. In Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, suzhou, changshu, wuxi and other places have a branch. Is active in the market, one of the few to focus in the field of cultural equity investment institutions. CPT key members of management team to invest in more than 30 enterprises in the field of Chinese culture, such as ctrip, home inns, sina, allyes, focus, net dragon technology, ebay, etc.

xiang-dong xiong founded in Singapore in 2008, CPT capital. The first phase of the fund size is about more than 400 million yuan, LP (investor) is a person; CPT capital renminbi funds raised in 2010, the first period, 2010-2011, has three periods of raising funds, each scale in 100 million – 100 million yuan. Funds registered in suzhou, wuxi, changshu, In 2014, CPT capital successfully raised $1.2 billion yuan “825 fund”, named after xinhua media listed code. Among them, the Shanghai media group and owned by xinhua media (600825. SH) a total investment of 600825 yuan, grain holding co., LTD. Suzhou yuan yuan wo Chen kun’s mother funds invested 150 million yuan.

investment project of :

Recent list

2015.4 marketing –? Micro au/CDH pegatron technology, RMB 150 million B wheel?
2015.4 the local life –? Sweetheart rock salad/sweetheart ryohin keikaku catering, tens of millions of RMB? A round
2015.3 the financial –? M cattle net, 49.8 million yuan A round?
2014.11 the game –? Yu yu hand swim network/transmate science and technology, 100 million yuan A round?
2014.10 the mobile Internet –? Who wake me up/miles long network, 10 million RMB? A round
2014.10 car traffic –? E car ownership/ZhuoFu science and technology, 10 million yuan A round?
2014.9 car traffic –? Car every bits of bit/hangzhou network science and technology, 10 million yuan seed angel?
SNS social networking — 2014.8? Little love, A round of $10 million?
2014.8 the financial –? Shanghai hui silver cloud POS, tens of millions of yuan A round?
2014.8 education –? The east wall, tens of millions of yuan A round?
Such as

host: hunting cloud network

share topics: CPT capital investment preferences reading service and Internet + life should be how to play?

Share guests:

CPT capital investment managers, youth O2O branch director Zhang Yuwen capitalist club?


on May 23 (Saturday)

location: the high-tech zone of chengdu tianfu software park zone D 5 inspiration coffee

activity agenda:
13:30-14 point sign in
14 points – 15 guests share
15-16 points q&a session, the exchange
16 points – 16 PM free exchange

completely free, this activity USES the registration system, refused to airborne .

limit number: 50 people (completely free)


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